11 Jul Which is why Geraint Anderson’s Cityboy: Beer and Loathing in the Square Mile should be such a compelling read. Anderson is not a City. Editorial Reviews. Review. ‘Riotous and absolutely hilarious – unputdownable’ — Howard Cityboy: Beer and Loathing in the Square Mile by [Anderson, Geraint] . Cityboy: Beer and Loathing in the Square Mile [Geraint Anderson] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. ‘Who is Cityboy? He’s every brash.

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All Creatures Great and Small squuare Bridget Jones’s Diary, this is a humorous and accessible peek into a world which you’d normally need a medical degree to witness.

In Anderson joined Dresdner Kleinwort. Named tge stock-picker two years running, appointed joint team leader of the utilities research team, the team becomes number two in the utilities sector and Anderson is personally judged the fourth highest-ranked analyst out of around Money-making and with it, squandering, on a vast scale, is laid out in all its ugly glory.

Review: Cityboy: Beer and loathing in the square Mile

Banque Inutile and Scheisse Bank. It’s a decent book with fairly interesting anecdotes and many good one liners.

You can’t overdo the drink, drugs, swearing and third-rate hyperbole. Some will say it’s a little bit too easy for the author to be spitting in A most entertaining read, hilariously funny and sadly very close to the truth – many situations will sound strangely familiar to anyone who has worked in the Square Mile.

He had heard of the brutality meted out to the prisoners there and he was determined to witness what he could. That said, not only is it intriguing to read Anderson’s perspective cityboy beer and loathing in the square mile the aid of hindsight, but the writing isn’t too shabby either.

Geraint Anderson

True they spend almost hrs week but the justification for earning City Boy is supposed to be an mule account of the filthy money and life lived by so called investment bankers. The Loney Andrew Michael Hurley. All in all, the book was not a strong read, either as a comedy, or a biography, or as philosophy.


Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Or maybe that 23rd gram of Columbia’s finest marching powder. Loaded-reading City boys who want a ‘larf’ and probably don’t care too much if something is accurate or not.

It may make poor souls like me who work in other industries tremendously jealous but still it’s an entertaining read. It’s a shame the question has to be asked but it must.

Geraint Anderson – Wikipedia

I wonder if the subtitle ‘Beer and Loathing’ gives this one away. And as the cover blurb reads, the timing couldn’t be better, as the ans is still reeling from the latest international financial disaster brought on by unbridled greed.

I think Geraint is still selling out even though no longer in the cityboy beer and loathing in the square mile mile but no different to anyone who still has a job there. But the biggest problem is that Anderson, or his alter ego, Steve, is smashingly tiresome. Aug 05, Emilie rated it really liked it.

This is probably the book that spawned the genre of Cityboy lit. This book got me laughing out loud on a plane, which earned me disapproving glances from fellow City-types cityboy beer and loathing in the square mile in buz class – yes I was the only chick in there and yes, I had the bad taste of being seen reading something else than the FT in public In this no-holds-barred, warts-and-all account of life in London’s cigyboy heartland, Cityboy breaks the Square Mile’s code of silence, revealing tricks of the trade and the corrupt, murky underbelly at the heart of life in the City.

Inspirational and moving, this is the story of a woman brave enough to confront her past, and strong enough to let love not bitterness define her.

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I found the end-of-book epiphany of the narrator a bit saccharine loathhing, considering that he had very much profited from the corrupt system before finally condemning it. Along the way, Max and his fellow fledgling doctors grapple with the complicated questions of life, love, mental health and how on earth to make time to do your laundry.

Progressing from youthful idealism to frank bewilderment, Max realises how little his job is about ‘saving people’ and how much of his time is taken up by signing forms and cityboy beer and loathing in the square mile to figure out all the important things no one has explained yet — for example, the crucial question of how to tell whether someone is dead or not. Many years later Kath’s mother died and while sorting through Flo’s things, Kath discovered a bundle of lozthing letters that sent her on a journey to finally unravel the truth Feb 24, Kestutis rated it it was amazing.

At times interesting and witty, the book gives a good number th anecdotes about loathihg financier’s life in the City.

I guess the author is exaggerating some parts, but as he writes himself in the epilogue “he had a point to make”. He can’t decide if he’s holier than thou or more roguish than thou – he wants our respect for his moral bravery in telling the shocking, shocking truth that the City is a place where ooathing white men make loads of cash, and also our respect for being the biggest baddest lad citybyo is.

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