Killing Yourself to Live has ratings and reviews. Mike said: As a longtime admirer of Chuck Klosterman’s writing on pop music and culture, i. Jan 28, Carrie O’Grady follows Chuck Klosterman on a rock’n’roll road trip in Killing Yourself to Live. Jul 12, Chuck Klosterman is the kind of guy who calls Rod Stewart “the For his new book, Killing Yourself To Live, Klosterman traveled across.

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To these ends, Klosterman goes on a road trip, visiting the death sites of rock stars such as Duane Allman and Kurt Cobain.

Oct 21, Amanda rated it did not like it Shelves: You are bringing up qualities that make someone unlikable. Now, I may be biased. When that movie first started to gain cult status, every fucking person I worked with would say “Oh, man, that movie is about me.

And dudes who dig Kiss. Yeah, a landfill, not sand. Killing Yourself to Live: Books about rock music American non-fiction books books Works by Chuck Klosterman.

Only, it’s more like a landfill. Metzler rated it did not like it. This is a well written but ultimately a lazy, shallow and unrewarding book.

I read Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs when it first came out, and even though that has lingered in my mind for a decade now as a funny and iilling skewering of pop culture, I didn’t pick up another Chuck Klosterman book until now; and I think it would have been better if I had kloster,an him remain in my memory as a funny and interesting guy.

And when you read it, and fall in love with it, be sure to feel super envious of my autographed copy.


Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story – Wikipedia

Aug 31, Kim rated it it was amazing Shelves: He drove a rental car from New Yor Building on the national bestselling success of Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffspreeminent pop culture writer Chuck Klosterman unleashes his best book yet—the story of his cross-country tour of sites where rock stars have died and his search for love, excitement, and the meaning of death.

I absolutely loved it. His popularity makes me sad. I decided to pull the plug during a part in the book where he says, “I wonder how long it killign take someone to find me if I died on top of this hill and who would care. But we are supposed to think that he is thinking very deeply about his life and the world at large in regard and respect to pop culture.

So many of the rock concerts I’ve attended have been filled with people who were there only klostermqn be there, who just wanted to be seen by other people who were there only to be there Jul 13, Matt Evans rated it did not like it.

Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story by Chuck Klosterman

It’s about Chuck spending 5 weeks driving around the country, mostly by himself, locating the places where famous rock musicians have died. Once again, Chuck Klosterman reveals himself to be a boring, self-centered paragon of bad taste with horrible ideas about the relations between the sexes.

And then you quit your job and went to work construction? Eager to read more of his work!

Dead famous

Interesting concept for a book. I don’t know tons about the lives of the members of KISS or Lynyrd Skynyrd However this didn’t take too much away from my appreciation of the book. Ever since klosherman, though, I’ve had a weird rivalry with Chuck Klosterman that, much like the romances exacted and protracted in this book, is completely one sided with myself as the hopeless loser, so outclassed that my opponent is likely unaware there is even a contest going on.


The depth of this book, and the material that it dealt with was very interesting and complex. At one point, poisonous snakes became involved.

Killing Yourself to Live

I really like Klosterman’s writing, but this made me hate the man. It’s about a love. Apr 27, Libscigrl rated it did not like it Shelves: Now, I have neither the desire nor the talent nor the skill lkve the inclination to really do what he does. Killing Yourself to Live is no exception.

That seemed like that’s what this book was going to be. If you want to learn about dead musicians and how they died, look elsewhere. But, in the end, I do would not recommend you read it, unless you have very specific hcuck to do so, or if it is required for a college class.

For 6, miles, Chuck Klosterman thought about dying. Dhuck to Cart Add to Cart. Quincy is making a valid point, if I do say so myself. The article that resulted from the trip was reprinted in August of as part of Spin ‘s 30th anniversary yearand Klosterman felt the need to add an introduction: