Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. The witty second entry in bestseller Dodd’s Lost Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Kindle App Ad. Look inside this book. The Barefoot Princess: The Lost Princesses #2 by [Dodd, Christina]. The Barefoot Princess (Lost Princesses, Book 2) [Christina Dodd] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Once upon a time in a kingdom high in. Once upon a time in a kingdom high in the Pyrenees, three young princesses were forced to flee the chaos in their land — vanishing without a trace and lost to .

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Conflict is good in a novel, but this was an over-the-top reaction put there simply for plotting necessity, not from any real progression of character development. He challenges her, seduces her with words, and entices her with her being in command as he is chained The background mystery and its solution did little to argument the male protagonist’s misogyny. I just loved the way the very minute he tried to guess her identity, he almost did.

That was perhaps the most disappointing part of the whole story for me — the loss of her fiery spirit. The only complaint I have is the use of more modern euphemisms for parts of the male anatomy, specifically one that is a synonym for rooster. I hope my future husband says those words to me.

She seemed petulant and childish for someone of her age, especially given the historical period the story took place. I brought it all the way out here to you! I’d found it at Goodwill months ago and bought it because Dodd’s always been a favorite romance author of mine.

But all is not orincess in Summerwind; the crops are not doing well, the marquess is skimming all the profits and not keeping up with repairs. Uncle Harrison was badefoot pathetic villain that inspired no fear whatsoever. I’ve always found the kidnapping then falling in love story rather trite and bizarre. That would be too normal. Hero is damn annoying in the beginning, just as a warning… Dodd’s ability with words can doddd disguise her one-dimensional characters and contrived plot for so long And the author decides to fall back on yet another aspect that hundreds of romance authors have recycled before her.


Or was it wine which made everything fuzzy? His blood slowed in his veins. But this … this was more insidious, more …. It’s a simple plan, destined to succeed. When she was out of sight, he took a long drink, then sputtered at the flavor. So anyway, Amy, posing as a maid, drugs some wine while he’s out secluded alone in his gardens, and with help from a village man who used to be friends with Northcliff, they haul chrisyina off to the island, where she chains him with an old manacle in Miss Sprott’s cellar.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. And princezs can’t redeem him by proving that the women he doubts are blameless!! I always kinda thought Amy was a more modern name like Tiffany or Britney. I like her plot to eodd the lord, but after it was over, my interest deflated.

An startling conviction struck him. Feb 08, Lizm rated it liked it. I could be wrong though. Buy The Barefoot Princess: Her face was handsome rather than pretty, and he would have said she never smiled, except that she did. Amy becomes too docile for my liking, and I missed her fire. The wine had been poisoned. On to the last one now.


Booklist Review

The secondary characters are interesting and fun and the banter prkncess Jermyn and his “Princess Disdain” is entertaining. The wine … An startling conviction struck him. How could they end up on the cot, much less sideways?

Other books in the series.

Jeremyn kehilangan ibunya princcess masih kecil dan ayahnya berubah setelah kepergian ibunya yg menurut rumor kabur bersama kekasih gelapnya. The book had an interesting plot that started strong, with a definite humorous angle to it. He had suffered a broken leg. Jun 12, Emily rated it really liked it.

He heard people calling, running … Aid was on its way.

Reading this one actually kinda made me barrfoot to go back and re-read some of my old favorites by her most notably is A Well Favored Christinzman I used to love that one. The love story was quick paced and believable with lots of chemistry.

I’ll admit the premise was a little silly to me at first, what with the whole ‘exiled princess kidnaps an English lord and holds him hostage’ thing, but it turned out to be kind of amusing. This is the second book in the series I was reading.

THE BAREFOOT PRINCESS: Lost Princesses #2 « Christina Dodd

Wth is wrong with you?! Motivation and back story.

Lost Princesses 2 by Christina Dodd, at these online retailers:. There hcristina a reference to a “beaded lace machine. Jermyn had an issue that didn’t explain his childish tantrum, a device that was supposed to keep the reader interested but, at least for me, removed all faith in this man.