18 Sep Posts about CNT Act written by Goodpal. Chhotanagpur Tenancy Act of is an important act that protects ownership of tribal land. Act, features of chotanagpur tenancy act, implementation of Chhotanagpur act. 17 Feb But in a direct concession to the demands of the Munda rebellion, the British were forced to enact the Chotanagpur Tenancy Act in (1) This Act may be called the Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act, (ii) “bhugut bandha mortgage” means a transfer of the interest of tenant in his tenancy;. for the.

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Z becomes a Raiyat in respect of the land.

Restriction on the share of the produce rent payable to a landlord by agreement. Decree when to be made – If after the examination [referred to in] Sectionand after the examination chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 any witness, who may attend to give evidence on behalf of the parties, and after a consideration of the documentary evidence adduced, a decree can properly be made without asking further evidence, the Deputy Commissioner shall make a decree accordingly.

The Chotanagpur tenancy act, 1908

Distribution of copies of record-of-rights to parties interested. Tenanct were hurled at Das in Saraikela-Kharsawan district when he tried to pay homage to Adivasis who had died in police firing there in Entry of fair rent chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 be held to be a decree.

Provided that chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 decision shall not affect the right of any party, who may have ac legal title to such rent, chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 establish such title by chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 in a Civil Court if instituted within one year from the date of the decision. Measurements of land Provided that, in any case in which praedial conditions have been complied with by a tenant for a period of five years continuously, any Revenue Officer acting under this Chapter tsnancy, when commuting such conditions under this Chapter, presume that the same have been complied with in accordance with local custom or usage or in accordance with an express or implied contract made at the commencement of the tenancy.

Revision by Commissioner or Board – The Commissioner or the Board may direct the revision of any at prepared chotanavpur this Chapter of any portion of such record, at any time within two years from the date of the final publication of the record, but not so as to affect any decision from which an appeal has been preferred under Section Hearing of defendant on day to which case is postponed – If the defendant appears on any subsequent chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 to which the wct of the suit may be postponed under Sectionthe Deputy Commissioner may, upon such conditions if any as to costs or otherwise as he may think proper, allow the defendant to be heard in answer to the suit as if he had appeared on the day fixed for his attendance.

Execution of decree or order for chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 or re-instatement of cultivator Judgement in appeal They have also announced a protest in New Delhi on March 5. Cesses and rights of pasturage, etc. Act 9 of ; or.

In Jharkhand, Adivasis say changes to tenancy laws dilute their hard-won land rights

On October 23, the village lost one of its elders, Abhram Mundu, in police firing. If a survey has been made and a record-of-rights has been finally published under this Act or under any law in force before the commencement of this Act, in respect of the land to which the suit or application relates, the statement of claim on application shall further contain the following particulars, namely,- i a list of the survey plots comprised in the tenancy, ii a statement of the rental of the tenancy according to the record-of-rights, and iii a copy of all entries in the record-of-rights, in regard to the subject-matter of the suit or application, unless the Deputy Commissioner chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 satisfied for reasons to be recorded in writing that it is not necessary that such particulars or any of them should be furnished or that the plaintiff was prevented by any sufficient cause from furnishing such particulars or any of them: Or A sub-lets it to Z who takes it for the purpose of cultivating it himself: Settlement of chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 rents under Chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 85 2 i.


In determining what is a fair and equitable rent, regard shall be had to the origin and history of the tenancy. Fees for service of notice. Exclusion of unrecorded lands from category of landlord’s privileged lands – When a record of landlord’s privileged lands has been prepared under Section for any area, no other lands in that area shall be deemed to be landlord’s privileged lands.

The Chotanagpur tenancy act, ( edition) | Open Library

Though, in their defence, the police claim that the firing was necessary, no injuries or deaths were recorded among security personnel. Commencement chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 effect of commutation – 1 When the commutation of any praedial conditions is settled under this Chapter, for any local area or estate, tenure or part thereof, the settlement shall take effect from the beginning of the agricultural year next after the chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 publication of the record.

Meaning of – “Mundari-khunt-kattidari” 9. Duration of warrant qct execution – Every warrant of execution shall bear the date of the day on which it is signed chotabagpur the Deputy Commissioner and shall continue in force for such chhotanagpur as the Deputy Commissioner may direct, not being more than sixty days from such date. Chotansgpur entitled to counterpart engagement – Whenever a landlord grants a lease to a tenant, or tenders to a tenant a lease such chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 he is entitled to receive, the landlord shall be entitled to receive from such tenant a counterpart engagement in conformity with the terms of the lease.

Measures to procure attendance of parties. Procedure on receipt of such application Re-admission of appeal Incidents of tenancy of Raiyats having khunt-katti rights – The provisions of the Act relating to occupancy- Raiyats shall apply also to Raiyat having ‘khunt-katti’ rights: Suit by co-sharer landlord for rent – 1 Notwithstanding anything contained in Sectiona co-sharer landlord may institute a chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 to recover from chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 tenant,- a his share of the rent, when such share is collected separately, or b the whole of the rent due to the plaintiff and his co-sharers, when all or any of his co-sharers, who refuse to join in the suit are made defendants therein.

Demurrage for detention of peon. At present, the Chotanagpur Tenancy Act allows the transfer of land without the written permission of the Deputy Commissioner only for two purposes — industry and mining — chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 was brought about by an amendment in the law in Presumption that lands are not landlord’s privileged lands – In any inquiry by a Revenue Officer under this Chapter or by any Court, as to whether lands are or are not landlord’s privileged lands, the Officer or Court shall presume until the contrary is proved that the lands are not landlord’s privileged lands.

Relief against forfeitures Right of occupancy in Korkar. Appeal in certain suits Provided that where a tenant pays his rent in full within the [year following the agricultural year] in which it accrues due, interest shall not exceed [three] per centum on chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 yearly rent, lawfully payable. Entry in record-of-rights of rents settled and decisions made – A note of all chltanagpur settled under Section 85, and of all decisions under sub-section 1 and decisions on appeal under sub-section 2 of Section 87 shall be made in the record-of-rights as finally published under Section 83 and such note shall be considered as part of the record.


On December 29, chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 months after Abhram Mundu was killed in police firing, when chief minister Chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 arrived in a helicopter to inaugurate an electrical substation in Angrabadi, in Tehancy, in Khunti district, hundreds of residents displayed black flags to protest against his government.

Application for increase of rent in respect of land held in excess of the area for which rent was previously paid Date from which settled rent takes effect – When a rent is settled by Revenue Officer under this Chapter, it shall take effect from the beginning of the agricultural year next after the date of the decision finally fixing the rent.

Effect of lease purporting to admit to occupation after occupation has commenced – Where a tenure-holder, village headman or Raiyat has been in occupation of a tenure or holding, and a lease is executed with a view to the continuance of such occupation, he shall not be deemed to be admitted to occupation by that lease, notwithstanding that the lease may purport to admit him chotangpur occupation.

Examination and cross-examination of yenancy or their agents and of witnesses, written statement by defendant – 1 When both parties appear in person on the day named in the summons, or upon any subsequent day to which the hearing of the case may be adjourned under Sectionthe Deputy Commissioner [may proceed to examine them, and if he examines them] either party or his agent may cross-examine the other.

Certificate and possession to be given to purchaser on payment in full. Decisions of questions as to whether a payment in kind is a praedial condition or a payment of rent in kind – Where, in any proceeding under this Chapter or under Section 61, a question arises as to whether a payment in kind is a praedial condition or a payment of rent in kind the Revenue Officer acting under this Chapter or the chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 acting under Section 61, chotanagppur the case may be, shall after such inquiry as he may consider necessary, decide whether in fact the payment is a praedial condition or not.

Continuance of existing occupancy rights – [ 1 Every ‘Raiyat’who immediately before the commencement of this Act, has by the operation of chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 enactment or by local custom or usage or otherwise, a right of occupancy in chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 land, shall when this Act comes into force, have right of occupancy in that land, notwithstanding the fact that he may not have cultivated or held the land for a period of twelve years.

Return or amendments of statement of claim Issue of process of execution Employment of agents Power to order record of praedial conditions, with or without commutation – 1 The [State] Government may, in any case in which it is, in its opinion, expedient so to do, make 9108 chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 directing either,- a that a record of all praedial chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 to which the lands within any local area or any estate, tenure or part thereof are subject shall be prepared, and a commutation of such conditions made, by a Revenue Officer; chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 b that a record as aforesaid be made chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 a Revenue Officer without commutation of such conditions as aforesaid.