the Consulate General Chinese Embassy in Myanmar Instruction to Visa Application Form(Form VA) of the People’s Republic of China () . Visa Application Form VApplication Form of the People’s Republic of China. /08/ Appendix: Visa Application Form Vdoc · Visa Application. Download most current china visa application forms here. V form is current form for year V China Visa Application Form V (Current form) .

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Also is there an extra fee at the airport on arriva in china?

New Visa Application Form Adopted

Stuart on June 6, at chinese visa form v.2011a Give it a go. That being said, this was a humiliating, unpleasant experience, and I had to hang out in Hanoi for nearly two weeks to accomplish it.

We are planning an awesome overland trip all the way from Indonesia back to the UK next year, so these tips will be really helpful. After some struggle we finally got our VISA.

Get the china visa application form

Lea on April 30, at Huge thanks to this chinese visa form v.2011a, and all the comments on it. She wrote down our Vietnamese phone number, and we could have potentially asked her to just call us, but we were happy to just play along and keep her happy. We never asked because we had some days to kill in Hanoi. I got my Chinese double entry Visa today.


Thanks for the update Sven and Miriam. Dear fellow travellers, Update about Hanoi tourist visa for european considering of applying in Hanoi. If I apply anywhere else they will take chinese visa form v.2011a months or more to process my Z visa due to the old Turkish visa stamps.

This post is great, all the comments are great, but things changed suddenly last week maybe due to the next Congress of the Communist Party, scheduled on 18th october, as chinese visa form v.2011a embassy tried to guess when we went there to complain.

Mark on June 8, at Mark Sugden on May 27, at I did everything and when I went to pick up my passport and visa they told me to come back at 3pm. Beatrice on May 6, at One is clearly the English-speaking counter and one is the flrm counter.

Getting A Chinese Visa In Hanoi, Vietnam

Or does it depend on what kind of visa you are applying for and your nationality? Thank you for the super-helpful and detailed documentation of all aspects of getting a visa!

Hi Guys, F.2011a for all the helpful info. Chinese Consulates are generally very meticulous with the visa application form. I am in Hanoi,holding Croatian passport ,will try my luck tomorrow. We are chinese visa form v.2011a World Nomads and highly recommend them. Anybody an chinese visa form v.2011a why this is?

Jenny on August 13, at Just wanted to report we were successful getting our 30 day single entry tourist visa in Hanoi, thanks to the info in this article and the comments section. Opening hours are in v.2101a morning fromMonday to Friday. After a while she started asking for our documents.


Sorry guys, have decided to skip China and fly straigth to Mongolia. And please also add the mailing time to it.

Might just be an extra fee to pay. Jess on March 28, at Click chinese visa form v.2011a for common mistakes to avoid when filling out China visa vjsa V Have posted the link below? Change or correction is not allowed on the printed form. Quite possible though if you ask. Alien hcinese May 11, at They were, and we left the embassy as two very happy travellers, newly equipped with viaa Chinese visas!

Rudolph on March 26, at It really does depend on the officer. What kind of proof of insurance do they require? A lot depends on the time of year we get there and the weather etc. Please note decision to grant multiple entries lies with the Consulate. We have been to the Chinese Chinese visa form v.2011a in Hanoi today and no luck. For best result, please use Adobe Reader version 9 or above. Proof of sufficient finance for trip 5.

If you ever have any questions about China, feel free to ask us.

Your post was super-helpful, and essentially not much has changed.