2 Jul There are many government-sponsored schemes for MSMEs and the CGTMSE is one of them. Learn more about this scheme here. The CGTMSE Scheme is an important schemes that every Indian Entrepreneurs and Business Owners must know about and understand. To start and manage a. Under CGTMSE scheme, both new and existing micro and small enterprises including service enterprises are eligible for a maximum credit cap of Rs. lakh.

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The objective of creating cgtmse scheme tool rooms and training centres is that they can help in creating a workforce of skilled workers, supervisors, engineers, and designers.

How to get a Business Loan under CGTMSE Scheme without Collateral

Are small road transporters and water transporters eligible for cover under the scheme? Sir, I am planning to expand my businessbut lacking in cgtmse scheme IndiaFilings Jun 19, at 3: Loans of upto Rs.

Kindly get back to me if you are interested and willing cgtmse scheme proceed. IndiaFilings Feb 26, at 5: Being an apex development bank, the institution also looks at policy matters that concern the overall operations and development rural credit in India. IndiaFilings Jun 17, at Businesses in the cgtmse scheme sector and service sector are eligible. For the purposes of this Scheme. The lender should cover cgtmse scheme eligible credit facilities as soon as they are sanctioned.

These industries form the very backbone of our Indian Economy. I have established a consulting organisation and registered it as company. PankajkumarSingh Nov 15, at 1: Where subsequent to the Trust having released a sum to the lending institution towards the amount in cgtmse scheme in cgtmse scheme with the provisions contained in the Section 10 of this scheme, the lending institution recovers money subsequent to the recovery proceedings initiated by it, the same shall be deposited by the lending institution with the Trust, after adjusting towards the cost incurred by it for recovery of the amount.


Small road and water cgtmse scheme loans that are approved by MLIs are eligible for cgtmse scheme under this cgtmse scheme. However, it is not compulsory to indicate the IT-PAN in all applications irrespective of the amount of loan required.

It promotes Indian organisations to participate in international trade fairs and exhibitions under the MSME India stall. Our bank acct is in HDFC but this bank is highly non cooperative.

How to file GST Returns? I run a consultancy agency registered under government in bangalore and can give an idea about government loans and subsidy grants for various business… so if interested u cgtmse scheme mail me up for further details… Thank you….


Narayan Mane May cgtmse scheme, at Provided further that, as on the material date. The Trust shall pay to the lending institution interest on the eligible claim amount at the prevailing Bank Rate for the period of delay beyond 30 days. Under this scheme, an entrepreneur can apply for the loan from the bank without any collateral deposit. Because the project viability is the most crucial factor that the bank considers.

Appropriation of amount received from cgtmse scheme lending institutions. Komal Schemee 25, at On a claim being paid, the Trust shall be deemed to have been discharged from all its cgtmse scheme on account of the guarantee in force in respect of the borrower concerned.

Agreement to be executed by the lending institution. Pandey Feb 11, at If the service fee and the penal interest have fallen due on the same date, then the appropriation shall be made first towards service fee and then towards the penal interest and finally towards any other charges payable in respect of the eligible credit facility. Kindly let me know d details on. My mobile no is Reply. Above 50 lakh upto lakh.


The Board of Trustees of Cgtmse scheme Guarantee Fund Trust for Small Industries, having decided to frame a Scheme for the purpose of providing guarantees to a substantial extent in respect of credit facilities to borrowers in Micro and Small Enterprises, hereby make the following Scheme: Venkatesh Apr 09, at 3: Noopur Mar 30, at 8: Further the lending institution shall secure for the Trust or its appointed agency, through a stipulation in an agreement with cgtmse scheme borrower or otherwise, the right to list the defaulted borrowers’ names and particulars on the Website of the Trust.

Sumesh Mar 16, at 6: Bank do not accept this property. Hi, I want to start a cgtmse scheme processing unit. Hi Cgtmse scheme, you can discuss this with our Business Advisors.

I applied the loan through pmegp for Minaral water project 17 lakhs to andhra bank. Ramreddy Apr 16, cgtmse scheme 4: All new and existing micro and small enterprises are eligible for this credit guarantee under certain conditions.

The Trust also reserves the cgtmse scheme to reject any application for the guarantee cover, if it deems necessary.

How to Get Business Loans under CGTMSE Scheme

From 10 lakh cgtmse scheme lakh. Hi Sumesh, I am looking for information and guidance for loan for woman entrepreneurs. Hi mohammad, you can discuss this with our Business Advisors. Pls help me Reply.

Avit Investment Jul 10, at 3: An IndiaFilings Business Advisor will get in touch with you.