A wonderful beginning to a long-running series of novels about the Roman soldier who attended the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, The Eternal Mercenary details. The Eternal Mercenary has ratings and 84 reviews. Tucker said: I could not get enough of this series when I was younger. For a fifth grade boy, what. A description of tropes appearing in Casca: The Eternal Mercenary. A paperback book series written from to the present day, Casca is a Wandering Jew .

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Apr 06, Tucker rated it really liked it. No trivia or quizzes yet. It’s one part Conan, one part Highlander, one part retired soldier, one part midth Century American racism, one part confused Biblical mysticism, one part pro-war, one eternql cynicism of war, and two parts pretty good read.

Casca (series)

Casca Longinus is their path back to Christ and they will stop at nothing in keeping their most hated enemy in their sights for all time. I’ve mentioned before my mom didn’t like me reading children’s books, but I haven’t read any of these since then.

In April”Casca In the novel Casca Mercenry book This was a great book. He purchased the spear from some of Casca’s comrades to be used as a relic and symbol for the events on Golgotha.


He thrust his spear into the side of Jesus to end His suffering.

Also, Romain is now muttering Latin in his delirium; not college Latin, but the Latin of the ancient Caesars. He chuckled to himself.

Casca Longinus is their path back to Christ and they will stop at nothing in keeping their most hated enemy in their sights for all time. They had no idea at all of what it took to get him aroused. Any book back then was fair game. Casca is imprisoned by the Spanish Inquisition after claiming to have been present at the crucifixion.

There he slowly discovered that he does not age and cannot be killed or seriously wounded. While the first book starts during the Vietnam Warthe series chronologically begins in Jerusalem, something A. He enlisted into the 7th Legion at either Messilia [2] or Livorno. Five stars for the concept. Even better, he had taken Casca’s advice and beat the hell out of his wife with a stout rod. He spent most of his adult life serving the Roman empire in the Legions, and there are some scraps of information about his family.

As part of the elite panzer corps, he forms part of the spearhead of Operation Barbarossa, the codename for Hitler’s invasion. She had garlic breath, but nice legs. He curses you to wander the earth till his return. Oct 16, Ira Livingston rated it it was amazing. That bullshit don’t play with me. Unbeknown to the Eternal Mercenary, this family slowly grows and seeks to thwart the efforts of the Brotherhood.

Last Drivers  EN 12952-6 PDF

Several women climaxed in their excitement and tried to throw themselves to the arena below. Don’t have a Kindle?

You shove a spear tip into the side of this supposed messiah, except he is the real thing. I wouldn’t be out here now trying to blow up a bunch of ragheads.

The Casca Chronology

Since Barry Sadler’s death inthe Casca series started in has continued on with contributing ghost writers. Oct 03, Rick rated it really liked it. A character living forever is always a special hook. It isn’t the most amazing thing I have ever read, nor even one of the best of the sketchy world of the pulps, but it entertained none the less.