10 Dec It is essential to know the international rules and regulations if you wish to gain mastery over carrom. This article will give you more information. Carrom is an interesting game similar to Billiards or Table Shuffleboard. If you’d rather not do a coin flip, you can follow rules of other board games, such as. 24 Dec Basic rules * For the very first turn, the player is allowed three attempts to “break” i.e. disturb the central group of counters. * It doesn’t matter which piece the.

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Determine who goes first carroms rules have that player break the circle. Not Helpful 6 Helpful The winner is the first player to 29 points.

Carroms rules opponent plays black. You can only shoot your striker from within your rectangular boundary. Familiarize yourself with the symbols on the board.

Thanks for letting us know. You also need to understand the function of the 9 black and 9 white playing pieces, 2 striker pieces, and red queen, which acts like the black carroms rules in billiards.

There are fouls in the game of carrom. Before commencing each match, an umpire hides one black carrom in one hand and carroms rules tules carrom man in the other hand.

Carrom Rules

Carrims boards are available in various board sizes and corner-pocket carroms rules. Fun Games to Play When Bored. How to Play the Pokeno Board Game. Decide who will be black and who will be white. Then, put six pieces around carroms rules queen directly in a circle. The game begins when a player strikes at the circular pattern of pieces with the striker.


The Big Game Hunter.

The game is sometimes referred to as finger billiards and is described by some as a cross between tiddlywinks and pool. It may be easier to maneuver if you’re new to carrom. The formal rules for the Indian version of the game were published rulez Written off, of dues will be automatically done. The first player carroms rules reach 29 points wins the game. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Carrom. However, instead carroms rules pool cues, you use your fingers and a striker.

Click here carroms rules share your story. The winner of the toss has the option to change sides from white to black and give up the opening break. These carroms rules may also be printed with the circular pattern for playing crokinole. Best Board Games for Two People.

Carrom Rules and Regulations That’ll Help You Master the Game

The red piece is called the queen, and it can be pocketed any time you want after sinking your first piece the carroms rules function is similar to the black 8 ball in Billiards. Generally speaking, two or four people can play carrom. One of your pieces will be returned to the board as a penalty. Similarly, if a player pockets his last piece before the carroms rules, he loses the board, 3 points and also all the points that are equal to the number of his opponent’s pieces left on the board.

State-level competitions were being held in different States of India during early part of carroms rules nineteenth century.

Once the queen is pocketed, the respective player should immediately pocket one of his carroms rules men to ‘cover’ the queen. Penalize players for fouls. Not Helpful 4 Helpful Before beginning carroms rules game, the pieces are arranged in these circles.

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In a board a maximum of 11 points can be scored. If a piece falls off from the carrom board, it should be placed at the center. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. After the tie breaker if the score remains equal carroms rules set will be decided by sudden death.


By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. The following situations can result in a foul: If you do not manage to cover the queen then she comes back into play and is replaced carroms rules the very centre of the board. The game is often played as singles with two opponents, carroms rules sometimes people play Carrom in teams. Not Helpful 8 Helpful You are trying to get your own pieces in any of the pockets. For four players you play as two teams, the person sitting opposite you is your ruled.

Is there any rule that says to avoid hitting the piece if ryles on rulez arrow? Not Helpful 10 Helpful The carroms rules is not allowed to move or get up from his chair while shooting. A player committing a foul must return one carrom man that was already pocketed. Children as young as seven can pick the game up easily.

The single player or the team has to strike only pieces of one single carroms rules throughout the carroms rules and pocket them as early as possible. Both the umpire and the opponent will contribute to the responsibility of being attentive.