Download Citation on ResearchGate | Carcinoma mucinoso de mama: Un análisis de casos apareados | Mucinous carcinoma (MC) of the breast is an. The aim of this study is the clinical, mammograp-hic and ecographic review of patients with mucinous breast cancer diagnosed in our hospital in the past year. We present a case of mucinous breast carcinoma in which the only atípica de un tumor mucinoso de mama como microcalcificaciones agrupadas. Radiología .

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Differences exist between cells of pure and mixed forms Ultrastruct Pathol ; Can MR imaging contribute csrcinoma characterizing well-circumscribed breast carcinomas? These experts are members of the Breastcancer.

As compared with other subtypes of breast cancer, MMCs, in general, present low signal intensity on diffusion-weighted images. Female, year-old patient with pure MMC. The greater the amount of mucin, the better the prognosis is 6. Infiltrating ductal carcinoma with focal mucinous change Invasive micropapillary carcinoma: Diffusion-weighted imaging of mucinous carcinoma of the breast: Six months after surgery our patient was admitted to hospital in poor-health conditions due to disseminated disease, and was referred to supportive care.

Thus, MMCs, specially the pure type, demonstrated a lower histological degree well differentiated tumorscarcinmoa hormone receptor HR expression, lower incidence of adverse oncogenes, lower rate of axillary lymph node involvement at diagnosis, and longer disease-free survival with no mana difference in overall survival 7,11, A year-old woman was carcunoma in with an adenocarcinoma of the right colon, and a right hemicolectomy was performed.

Ulster Med J ; Female, year-old patient with pure MMC, with typical sonographic findings: The patient was in good health, without symptoms of widespread disease.


Metástasis en mama de carcinoma primario de colon

A definitive histopathologic report confirmed metastases to the breast from a mucinous adenocarcinoma of intestinal origin, based on the presence of ductal in situ carcinoma, a colonic type pattern with “signet ring carfinoma, and an immunohistochemical study that was negative for estrogen and progesterone receptors, and GCDFP, and positive for CEA cell expression and cytokeratin 20 CK 20 Fig.

Scroll to see all images: Gynecologic cancers metastatic to the breast.

Female, year-old patient with an ovoid nodule with indistinct and angulated margins, with no noticeable microlobulation, with posterior acoustic enhancement, diagnosed as mixed MMC. Frozen biopsy revealed metastasis to the breast from a mucosecretor adenocarcinoma with “signet ring cells” possibly of colonic origin. In addittion, the presence of intermediate signal on T2-weighted images suggests the mixed type of MMC.

The present pictorial essay focus on the most typical imaging findings of such specific type of carcinoma and its subtypes, highlighting findings associated with prognostic prediction. One year later, the patient showed a retroperitoneal cxrcinoma, about 4 centimetres in size.

Histopathology Breast – Colloid carcinoma. Posterior acoustic enhancement is common. Typically, colorectal carcinomas are positive for CK20, whereas this is exceptional in primary breast carcinoma 10, Alveolar and festoon patterns surrounded.

Bode MK, Rissanen T. Highly cellular, loosely cohesive clusters and dissociated cells with intact cytoplasm and nuclei with mild atypia, no oval bare nuclei Also thin walled capillaries, micropapillary pattern of angulated clusters or abortive papillae and ball-like clusters Acta Cytol ; A core biopsy specimen usually gives a gelatinous appearance.

The mixed type presents more indistinct or spiculated contours secondary to a higher degree of fibrosis and peripheral desmoplasia, similarly to a NS-IDC.

Fewer than 10 cases have been reported in the literature 1, Table I. At surgery only an incisional biopsy was performed, due to the presence of peritoneal metastases. Craniocaudal view demonstrating nodule with microlobulated margins in the medial quadrant of the right breast, diagnosed as pure MMC.


In Januarya painless 4-centimetre breast mass was found in the upper outer quadrant of the left breast. On dynamic contrast-enhanced sequences, any enhancement morphology may occur, however, peripheral, ring-shaped or heterogeneous enhancement are more characteristic, and progressive along time Figure 3. Microscopically, it is formed by large mucin lakes surrounded by mucus-producing cancer cells.

J Bras Patol Med Lab. This case report described a patient with breast metastasis from colon adenocarcinoma treated by simple mastectomy.

Mucinous carcinoma of the breast: a case report and review of the literature.

The first cases of breast metastasis from an adenocarcinoma of the colon and rectum were reported by McIntosh in 4. Female, year-old patient with anatomopathological diagnosis of carcinomw MMC. Excision biopsy is usually appropriate and provides adequate local control, but sometimes simple mastectomy is necessary. MUC1 or low, Histopathology ; Log in Sign up.

Breast metastases from extramamary malignancies. A simple mastectomy without lymphadenectomy was performed, assuming an extended metastatic disease to the breast.

Pathology Outlines – Mucinous / colloid carcinoma

Mucjnoso to the breast are very rare. A fine-needle aspiration cytology was confirmatory of colon adenocarcinoma recurrence.

The imaging findings may suggest both subtypes of MMCs, pure and mixed ones. Mucinous carcinoma of the breast: Unable to process the form.