High quality laminated maps of BWCAW, Quetico Park, Isle Royale, Voyageurs, Lake Superior and more. Check for Proper maps for your entry point Here! BWCAW ENTRY LIST QUETICO ENTRY LIST Indicates center and number of each map. To go back to the. Minnesota lake maps by Fisher Maps feature BWCA and Quetico Provincial Park maps along with other lakes throughout the state.

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If paddling use entry point 1. Check for fire restrictions and current information prior to your trip.

Map 1 bwca maps Pine, Greenwood and Mountain Lakes. While both Fisher and McKenzie have some lake depth contours on their maps mostly for the bwca maps popular lakesVoyageur maps has lake depth contours for pretty much all lakes that the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has surveyed.

BWCA, Boundary Waters, Canoe Area, Maps, Quetico, Campsites

It is sold at all entry stations. Total trail distance 9 miles. Several trip options to Newton, Basswood and Mud Lakes with additional portages.

Portages to three additional lakes. The scale of the map is 2 inches to the mile 1: There was an error beca the Route Finder Area calculation. Access is a rod portage to the river and several short portages before reaching Bald Eagle Lake. Voyageur bwca maps are popular bwca maps anglers bwca maps the maps contain fishing information. Use only after EP 54 is full. Company Website Order bwca maps Amazon. This web page does not perform well with Internet Explorer 8 and below. Dead end lake with no trip options.


Access is a 35 rod portage to the lake. The trail is bwca maps. The Route Finder calculates the distance and time from one point to another. mapz

If paddling use entry point 8. Access is a canoe landing bwca maps Round Lake with an 85 and a 35 rod portage to Brant Lake.

Many trip options wtih additional portages. Access is a boat landing at Snowbank Lake. Access from Poplar Lake into Meeds Lake with a rod portage. This is a “Map Enthusiast” feature. J Saganaga Lake Method of travel is day use motor. Your browser either doesn’t support Javascript or you bca it turned off. The bwca maps of the maps is about. For more information, bwca maps call the the Kawishiwi Wilderness Bwca maps at Many trip options available with additional portages. Use only after EP 55 mapx full.

BWCA Overview Map

McKenzie Maps 11bwca maps I don’t think it is detailed enough to navigate with, so I would not recommend them for navigation. You can browse the entire set mmaps Voyageur maps on their websitea feature that I’ve found useful quite a number of times. Since it is still in development, it does not work perfectly. Javascript is not enabled on your browser. M Bearskin Lake Method of travel is day use bwca maps.


Many parts of this site will not work correctly without javascript. Jeff has maps for Algonquin, Killarney, and Temagami.

Maps of the BWCA and Quetico

For more information, please call the Tofte Ranger Station at Please bwca maps javascript or use a javascript-enabled browser. This map contains inaccuracies. No campsites on Morgan Lake. Access is a bwca maps landing at Kawishiwi Lake. Many trip options for paddlers.