BUZ 73 L. V. 7 A. Ω. TO AB. CSA2. Maximum Ratings. Parameter. Symbol. Values. Unit. Continuous drain current. TC = 28 °C. ID. 7. A. BUZ73 from Motorola Solutions, Inc.. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. BUZ73 Datasheet, BUZ73 PDF, BUZ73 Data sheet, BUZ73 manual, BUZ73 pdf, BUZ73, datenblatt, Electronics BUZ73, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, Datasheets, .

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The gate is left free in one small area of the chip for wire bonding. The datasheer layer that forms the channel in the P region beneath the gate electrode, continues in form of an enhancement zone in the epitaxial layer beneath the whole gate surface.

BUZ73 datasheet(1/8 Pages) INFINEON | SIPMOS Power Transistor

Siemens Division United Centre, 2th floor P. Due to the special chip structure, and the datashwet temperature datashet of R os onSIPMOS transistors show no second breakdown across the total range of the maximum ratings. Electrical characteristics 23 3. The mounting torque should not exceed 60 Ncm with the insulated construction. The time required for this depends on the input current available. For that reason, and my desire to not have to repair this once built and installed, I designed for relaibility, and this need is reflected throughout the design.

In or- der to protect the transistors from static charges during shipping, they are delivered in anti-static packaging.

Standards 13 Technical Information 14 1. T 6 The transistor begins to function as a Miller integrator, with the maximum Miller capacitance. The heart of the circuit is the ATtiny12 programmed to time 24 hour cycles.

BUZ73H MOSFET. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

When the drain- source voltage is negative, however, current can flow from source to drain through the PN di- ode. Mounting instructions The transistors may be mounted in any position. Due to the special gate geometry, extremely short, reproducible channels current paths are possible. Head Office 1 A, Dr. Parameters are pulse width, duty cycle, and case temperature.

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The Miller capacitor is charged: Current can now flow through the chip in both directions. This letter has no fixed meaning, with the following exceptions: You may use the information provided here for personal and educational purposes but bz73 may not datassheet or use this information for any commercial purpose without explicit permission. The drive power is not dependent on the switched output power, so that the drive circuit can be of the same de- sign for a 10W stage, as for a W stage.

This disadvantage, however, is compensated by higher speed, simpler drive circuitry, compatibility with integrated circuits, etc. The minibox is conveniently mounted in my garage dztasheet to the door into the house. In this catalogue you will find the SNR standard datashewt for ball bearing Lexpertise dun fabricant, la dimension dun leader NTNSNR Roulements, appartenant au 3me groupe mondial du roulement, est un acteur majeur en tant que designer, dveloppeur et fabricant.

This ends the turn-on process; after that, no input current flows any longer. The slide switch is used to switch the circuit between the test and operate modes and the large round component to the left of the switch is the 0.

Test circuits dataheet to DINsheet 6, and IEC G The temperature values for the specified parameters, stated in the data sheets, are to be ad- hered to during the respective measurements.

BUZ73 데이터시트(PDF) – Inchange Semiconductor Company Limited

The transistor can be destroyed by even momentary voltage spikes. An ATtiny12 controller as a timer and some switching circuitry turns the doorbell off for 10 hours at the same time each day. I really should staple the wire down someday. This again results in extremely low R DS on values. The output voltage drops rapidly, as the Miller capacitance is small. R DS represents the drain-source on-state resistance see equivalent circuit diagramm in paragraph 1.


The minimum characteristic represents only a lower spread presently determined in production. The output voltage rises slowly, the output current, however, only varies insignificantly. In many cases, these electrical characteristics are supplemented by limit values. The power supply filter capacitor is a mamoth uf rated at 40 volts so that it would be operated wll below its voltage and ripple current ratings, and can even loose a large percentage of its inital capacitance because of aging without affecting circuit operation.

The aluminum source layer connects the individual source cells through the holes in the gate grid and, at the same time, acts as bonding pad. The contents of this web site, unless otherwise noted, is copyrighted by Richard Cappels. Catalogue roulement snr pdf T 5 The transistor is fully conductive and does not yet function as a Miller integrator, but the ex- cess charge in C mimax is already being discharged. The string of resistors across the top of the board are series connected to make a Ohm 2 watt resistor.

Screw tools must not touch the plastic package. It is designed to be used by people who are not technically inclined. Terms of delivery and rights to change design reserved. This current, however, is only re- quired during the switching process. The inductor L decouples the dc supply. Liability Disclaimer and intellectual property notice Summary: Optimum design and trend-setting new discoveries in MOS technology resulted in new power transistors with hitherto unknown switching characteristics.

By con- necting several thousand individual transistors in parallel on one chip, excellent utilization of the silicon is possible.