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This separator is also good for liquidliquid buku pintar migas indonesia. Indinesia decision whether water cooling is required is the responsibility of rotating engineer. Section 7, 12, and 13 of Gas Processors Suppliers Association. Alvin Alfiyansyah dan Ronaldo Reagan. Operation and buku pintar migas indonesia access, main and secondary escape route in each compressor position shall be arranged with careful prediction of future piping and instruments modification.

Spacer and spades shall be installed instead of spectacle blinds in the following cases: This will give sufficient time for operator to do safe anticipations.

Komunitas Migas Indonesia Swastioko Budhi Suryanto – Ketua Umum KMI.

In each compressor suction line, a temporary suction strainer shall be installed downstream of the block valve of the compressor and as close as possible buku pintar migas indonesia the compressor suction nozzle. The pump utilizes the action of a diaphragm moving backward and forward within a fixed chamber. Provision shall be made to ensure a stable flow of seal flushing fluid over the mechanical seal faces.

If the required flow is too small for buku pintar migas indonesia compressor or where the head is so high that an undesirably large number of stages would be necessary that will fall into reciprocating compressor selection. Turbine pumps Turbine pumps are mainly applied for small capacity and high pressure service.

A velocity is imparted by the impeller vanes, which are shaped like airfoils. The equipment to trap the slug and separate out the gas is called Slug Catcher. Light liquid outlet nozzle location is downstream of the weir plate whereas heavy liquid outlet nozzle location is upstream of the weir plate. Halaman 64 dari 64 Kontributor: Each pump shall be provided by block valve in suction at upstream of strainer and discharge side. For buku pintar migas indonesia speed drives capacity control can also be achieved by a recycle system.


Komunitas Migas Indonesia Swastioko Budhi Suryanto – Ketua Umum KMI. – ppt download

The installation should be as close to the pump as possible to ensure that pressure fluctuation not being formed again before inlet to the pump suction connection. Untuk penyelesaiannya hanya dapat dilaksanakan oleh komputer.

This is required in Molecular Sieve Dehydrator Unit where sales gas required very pinrar water dew point. But, PSHH and PSLL should be used to migsa off all process flow buky inlet to iindonesia compressor and if compressor use fuel gas at its driven, these sensors buku pintar migas indonesia also shut off fuel gas flow rate to the driven. Pulsations in reciprocating pump discharge piping are also related to the acceleration head habut are more complex than suction piping pulsations.

This is as well as kinetic energy equation, where energy is as means as mass and velocity. At this section, the main separation is happen where greater solid particles and greater liquid droplets fall down to the bottom of the vessel to be removed and buku pintar migas indonesia in the first-stage liquid reservoir.

The final design of the vessel should be able to perform one or more of above listed functions as per the need of the process. In some cases, the design pressure of the system may be set lower than the maximum pump discharge pressure.

When head is decrease, flow rate of gas inlet to the compressor should be increased. NPSH Net Positive Suction Head Each pump requires a certain minimum pressure at its suction flange to assure that no vapor is flashed between the pump suction line and the cylinder or entrance to the impeller vane. All boiling point fluids either single or buku pintar migas indonesia. As a consequence, pressure at discharge section of compressor will decrease and inlet pressure to the compressor will increase and the flow reverses again.

Process Condition and Limitation …………………………….

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Knock Out Drum A Knock out drum is a type of separator which falls into one of two categories: The separators may be either 2-phase buku pintar migas indonesia 3-phase and may be either vertical or horizontal. This will avoid surge condition. One stage pump can not develop high pressure except at very high speeds i. Open type of impellers is desirable if there is possibility of clogging blocking as with slurries or pulps mainly fluids having high viscosity.


Piping rating is and below, range temperature from oC — oC and size of inlet or outlet lines of the pressure vessel is below mm buku pintar migas indonesia inch.

This can be done by sloped down the installation of suction line is from the source to the suction pump. When discharge line of pumps is blocked, fluid pumped from the pump will be accumulated at blocked discharge line.

Rotating discipline should be consulted to determine shut off pressure since it may influence the design pressure of downstream equipment. Number of stages involved single, double or multi stages. Compressor system should have two ways to buku pintar migas indonesia down. Batas Reservoir Batas Reservoir adalah batas pemisah antara daerah hidrokarbon dan daerah non- hidrokarbon, dapat berupa: At discharge line location of PSV pinntar upstream of check valve and any block valve.

Failure of an upstream booster pump. Surge condition will occurs when a sudden decrease of the gas flow rate inlet to the compressor causing increase in the peak head. If the vessel indondsia divided into more than one compartment, buku pintar migas indonesia example by baffles, a utility connection per compartment should be considered.

For rotary and centrifugal compressor, check valves are required to prevent reverse flow and consequently reverse rotation of the compressor after shutdown. A steam quench shall be used to this buku pintar migas indonesia, external to the seal under the following inddonesia As increased pressure at buku pintar migas indonesia and discharge line, the compressibility factor will decrease and impact to decrease actual volume of the gas. Uji Bentuk Tekanan Pressure Buildup Test Pengujian dengan cara mengukur tekanan dasar sumur pada suatu selang waktu tertentu, dengan cara menutup sumur sehingga tidak berproduksi.

In most cases, pumps are spared. All vessels shall have a low point valved drain.