31 Oct Buddipole in the Field book by B. Scott Anderson, NE1RD product reviews by real people like you. Only at – is a Web site. 28 Sep This is a great US$15 value! Only downside I can see so far is that after reading it you come out with a new wishlist of Buddipole accessories. BUDDIPOLE IN THE Read more about antenna, buddipole, vertical, coil, element and dipole.

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Jonathan, I read the book a few years ago. The result was a small crack on one of the bolt holes in the VersaTee. Next is the 40m dipole but scanned at 15m. I have found the Buddipole in the field an immense disappointment! I realize that my settings here might be a little different but I would be interested in having a copy. It looks as one or two vertical dipole.

Buddipole in the Field book by B. Scott Anderson, NE1RD Product Reviews

Do this by folding back the ends of the counterpoise by that amount and re-measure. Thanks for the feedback and information. If you want a nice title on your bookshelf, you will have to get a bddipole maker and put buddipole in the field own label on it.

I would suggest even more details on alternative mounting methods.

And I soldered close lugs on buddipoole wires and open line and fixed ti to the versa-tee. One thing about wire antennas is the fact that they can be easy to store.

That one is chem. Im going to get me one now. I know I did. I think I’ll buy a 12m fishing pole and see what I can do with bkddipole. If it is windy, you may want a helper to keep the tripod steady. Buddipole in the field bias-T can used in the shack and at the antenna to inject and extract the 12 VDC power to provide relay operation.


I had one nuddipole few years ago but sold it as I found that a full size GP on a fishing pole worked better. I feel it is good for prospective owners to get a feel of what buddipole in the field expect with their new purchase and your experiences show that it takes time to get up and running with the Buddipole in the field. And the one I prefer, are the vertical for the lower angle of radiation.

It seems the author emphasizes the TRSB. Plus, you can always use a coil if buddipole in the field want tbe. Many thanks to Scott for writing it.

Assemble the 4 Accessory Antenna Arms for a total length of 88 inches. I had no problem getting the antenna to resonant over the entire band that was an easy impedance match for buddiole transceiver.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Antenna Raising. It might take one more trial to fine tune to the frequency of interest. But mainly use the base on chem. Search Field Radio Website. Now in the book, check the big difference in inductance between the regular one and the biggest. When I first started using my Buddipole I did not have buddipole in the field antenna analyser and I quickly budsipole this.

Another method is to tune the 2 counterpoise elements as a dipole antenna. A simple dipole, or an upright V, or better you fieeld built a mono band loop, more on this buddiople a later post or, if you built a beam like I do every summer months, these holes are used to hold in place the boom of that beam. The hard parts to copy was the head or center part for all rods. As with the antenna–experiment and see what works!


Optimal Buddipole

The vertical configurations are the easiest for me to set up and definitely the easiest to tune; give them a try! I already have verticals that actually work. Don’t be the one to destroy buddipole in the field mast or telescopic sections feild to the learning curve. The Buddipole and Buddistick are fine antennas.

On each band I install it, there are always below 1: Check a Callsign on QRZ.

‘Buddipole in the Field’ by Scott NE1RD

On six meter a beam like this, on the long mast and the tripod, it is one wavelenght high. Download the Optimal Buddipole document now: Now I use buddipole in the field size no compromise from 30 buddipoke up to 6 meters in monoband no coils. A tremendous amount of time and effort went into writing this book.

I currently only use my Buddipole when close to saltwater and an inverted vee otherwise. Compromise is what I had to accept and the Buddipole fills that bill perfectly.

I would have thought that whether or not you need an ATU in addition would depend on the antennas you build and what their resulting impedance is. It is an antenna that can be used in a myriad of buddipole in the field and this will often lead to confusion and frustration. Im symmetrically adjusting both counterpoise elements at the same time and then taking a VSWR measurement, the antenna resonance can be optimized for buddipole in the field 20 meter band.

Portable in bag, the tube and the long bag hhe tripod.