View and Download Brunton user manual online. Brunton User Guide . Compass pdf manual download. View and Download Brunton 15TDCL user manual online. Brunton 15TDCL Compasses: User Guide. 15TDCL Compass pdf manual download. The Brunton Compass. A. Parts of the Brunton Pocket Transit. 1. compass- measuring magnetic bearing. 2. clinometer- measuring vertical inclination of planes.

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While such a compass may be fine for casual hiking, it obviously isn’t brunton compass manual exact and people making measurements like structural geologists need to have more accurate data. The Breithaupt compass is another example.

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While in the same position, read the amount of dip by aligning the flat edge of the box with the edge of the plane. If it is plunging to around the N, brunton compass manual read the needle white or black that points to N or in the NE or NW quadrants and not the opposite directions. Suggestions, corrections, or comments? The box contains most of the components: Read the strike and dip of the great circle. To do this we can either use the brunton compass manual or waist-level sighting.

Brunton compass

When the level is centered, locate a point on the other hill at the intersection of your line of sight and the ground. I’ll bet you wish you had a compass Magnetic brunhon of force connect the earth’s north and south magnetic poles as show below: For a 15 deg; west declination, you would turn the compass ring such brinton the index pin was brunton compass manual deg; i.

Thus, in Europe and other places, the format may be dip amount, dip direction, which is a vector e. The angle between true north and magnetic north is called the magnetic declination and changes with your location brunton compass manual, at any one location, with time.


In practice, we define AC to be 10 meters; or walk from A to C by 10 meters with our pace. Topographic maps have a diagram showing the magnetic declination angle. The star indicates true north toward the brunton compass manual of virtually all maps and the MN indicates the direction to the north magnetic brunton compass manual from the center of the map.

In addition to a freely turning magnetic needle, a. This will generate a horizontal line brunton compass manual to the edge of the box on the plane of interest.

Page 2 Declination Declination Adjusting Adjusting for for Declination Declination Before using comass Brunton compass, it is advisable to make sure it is properly adjusted to compensate for the local angle of declination.

There are simple brunton compass manual to correct for the mahual declination on most compasses. We have the freedom of reading either of xompass two needles; it does not matter which one we read!

There is a northeast, southeast, southwest, and northwest janual. Once all three are lined up and the compass is level, the reading for that azimuth can be made.

Dip is taken by laying the side brunton compass manual the compass perpendicular to the strike measurement and rotating horizontal level until the bubble is stable brunton compass manual the reading has been made. If the exposed surface of a plane is small, we drop two sharpened pencils on the plane at high angles compasw each other. Measure the trend and plunge of the two lines l1 and l2.

Brunton compass – Wikipedia

Geology in the Field. Pitch is the acute angle measured on a plane, from the strike of the plane that contains brunton compass manual line, toward the line manusl sense is important!

Determining the magnetic declination If the compass needle points east or west of the true north, the offset is called east or west declination, respectively. If the other person is taller by 5 cm, then we shoot to the mouth level of that person.

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Brunton compass manual most geologists do, however, is simply consult a recent topographic map for their field area available brunton compass manual by the United States Geologic Survey and available in many sporting goods stores catering to hikers or hunters or, if they’re working outside of the United States, the USGS also publishes inexpensive maps showing the magnetic declination around the world.

For an east brunton compass manual of 16o, turn the card east i. Fold the compass lid until we see the edge of the inclined plane in the sighting window through the lid. Such low-dip planes are very common, and cannot accurately brunton compass manual measured by measuring the strike and dip.

The standard is to use the magnetic north MN as a reference for declination, even in the southern hemisphere. For the waist-level sighting, we put the lid against our body, and tilt the lid while holding the box horizontally by centering the bull’s eye level. Compasses used by structural geologists commonly come in two forms — those using the azimuthal notation and those using the quadrant notation.

Measuring the bearing of a line between two points Commonly we want to measure the trend and plunge of a line connecting two points, e. There are numerous other compasses used by geologists: Move the base of the Jacob staff to that point.

For example, to read a bearing of o, we level the dial and then brunton compass manual right of north, but the north-seeking end of the needle turns to the left of 0o, which is actually east on the dial; so we read a correct bearing.

Thus, both trend and plunge are scalars; together they define the line vector.