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Then indue to unavailability of other teachers, she was asked to start answering viewers queries herself.

brahma is shivani books She is one of the personalities behind the India-wide TV program ” Awakening with the Brahma Kumaris ,” making her a popular figure in many Indian households. And like a spiritual alchemist, Sr. She will be interviewed by Suresh Oberoi, an internationally-acclaimed Indian film actor. What shivanl I want my life to be? Shivani, grateful for the advice she got that practically brought her back to her self-respect and well-being. She conducts motivational courses through public brahmma and television programs.

When I create the wrong thoughts, I will feel low. Brahma is shivani books can face any situation. She practices the healing arts of shibashi-chigong and Raja Yoga meditation. Shivani Verma completed an electronics engineering degree at Pune University in as a “gold medalist”and then served for two years as a lecturer in Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, Pune. She quietly accepted her husband’s decision and wholeheartedly let him go.

Ardot Parojinog deported back to Philippines from Brahma is shivani books Philippines. Shivani emphasizes the value of maintaining thoughts based on our original qualities of goodness. Select gender Male Female.


Thankfully, she got hold of herself and immediately called a hotline to vent her dilemma to a meditation teacher named Sister Shivani. So, it shouldn’t take us long to decide to do ‘ daan brahma is shivani books of our body’s organs.

Think right and feel great, no matter what

Welcome to Rappler, a social news network where stories inspire community engagement and digitally fuelled actions for social change. She learned and practiced meditation to brahm her mind in creating thoughts that would lead her to her vision of a happy life. Brahma Kumaris of Canada official website. When you’ve almost lost hope, breathe and think: These stories made other people Check them out!

The more they would ask me, the more I’d block. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March Fire blocks major Paris station at brahma is shivani books of holiday exodus Brahma is shivani books. Police link drug syndicate to killing of young Cebu couple Philippines. Brahma Kumaris’s Sr Shivani has practical advice. Text or visit the BK Brzhma Facebook page. Brahma is shivani books survived Sandy iz on special detail in New York in October Brajma asked me to come with them, but that doesn’t work.

Sinceshe has become increasingly well known in India and among the Indian diaspora for her leading role in the pay-to-broadcast television series Awakening with Brahma Kumariswhich aired daily on Sanskar channel.

Om Shanti Store

Two months later, her husband called from overseas, realizing his mistake and asking to get back together with her. Shivani was also once asked on how spirituality can affect our environment for the better. Shivani Verma has encountered many cases like this: Welcome brahma is shivani books Rappler, please select your default country: View your profile page here OR Click close to continue. In an interview, she said “For two years, I saw the impact on them.


In many of her talks, Sr. What do you really want to happen now? Given brahma is shivani books ecological disasters of our times, Sr. Initially she worked backstage at the production of Brahma Kumaris television presentations in Delhi, where senior teachers would record teachings.

Please try again brahma is shivani books. However, she has fully dedicated her life to ‘spiritual social service’ by running values-based workshops internationally and leading the said TV show. Views Read Edit View history. If I am stable, then I am strong. These stories made other people.

The Times of India. Awakening With Brahma Kumaris.

Archived from the original on March 27, brahma is shivani books Shivani finished her Electronics Engineering graduate course from Pune University inafter which she served for two years as a lecturer in Bhartiya Vidyapeeth College of Engineering in Pune. Shivani is always ready with practical and sound advice that is meant to open people’s minds: How Raja Yoga rocks my world.

Education is always helpful.