page and open the appropriate document by using the front navigation button. • The latest on Cybook Opus device: Visit Bookeen web site at . Research and compare Bookeen’s Cybook Opus to other ebook readers. Watch video demos. Find where to get new and free ebooks for Cybook Opus. Bookeen Cybook Opus: A simple ereader with support for open formats, the Opus is light, easy to use and stylish, and our only concern is that.

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It is not the best E-Ink screen available, as it supports only 4 shades of gray compared with the 8 or 16 shades on some other readers. Storage by Rick Broida Oct 10, The battery life on any E-Ink based ebook reader is very good but somehow Bookeen have managed to extend this even more with cygook Opus.

Cybook Opus – Wikipedia

You can choose how many books to display, how to display them, how they’re organized, etc. The new epub format is supported and looks bookden, as do HTML and a few other formats. So an ereader, which will be touching my hands for long periods of time, has to be without an antenna too.

Of course, the cheaper models are from companies who expect to make money from book sales.

Start-up time is a little slower than with other eReaders; taking around 15 seconds. So, as a Kindle owner, you can buy books anywhere in the world where a G3 connection works. If you’d rather your device support MOBI files you can go with Mobipocket and choose fromtitles on their website. It also does not have Wi-Fi access, text-to-speech support nor the possibility of listening to music while reading.

Thus, the Opus offers an impressive battery lifetime of 8, screen refreshes with a full charged battery Intuitive and Fast Interface The Opus interface allows you to achieve many different actions in a second using very few buttons: Just copy them into the fonts folder can’t get simpler than that, now, can it? I received this item very soon and it was brand new.


Cybook Opus

For those that don’t want the feature, it can be turned off from the menu. As a result battery life is extended, giving almost three weeks of charge. There was a problem loading comments right now. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Not sure if there are new firmware versions out there, and if it supports user upgrading.

All the controls change to match the orientation, and behave as a user would expect – whichever page button is “top” or “right” will go to the next page, and the “bottom” or “left” button will go to the previous page, no matter which way around you hold the Opus.

Held next to each other, the K3 has by far the best screen, followed by the PRS and then by the Opus.

Conversions from cybook formats can be done with 3rd party software such as Calibre. You’ll have a hard time finding another resear out there for less than a hundred dollars that works this well. I’ve charged it 3 times in a little over a year and then only because I had it plugged in via USB while updating the books on it. It is produced by the French company Bookeen. Doesn’t have a cover; it has a leather “slide” instead.

Add to Wish List. It is small and very light. Folders, subfolders and child subfolders if needs be, so that I can find my stuff without cybooi much scrolling. You can still see all customer reviews for the product.

I’ll start with the cons first: Bookeen includes a nice chunky leather-like slip case with the reader fitting nice and snug, giving solid protection yet without adding cygook extra weight to the reader itself.

: Customer reviews: Bookeen Cybook Opus e-Book Reader – OPEN BOX

In summary, for me, the K3 is the clear winner, both in terms of ergonomics and overall consumer convenience, followed by the Opus and trailed by the Sony PRS This protection allows the Cybook customer to access more thancontemporary copyrighted titles. As a paperback, the Opus can be easily arranged in a hand bag or a purse. It sits in a drawer most of ycbook time and I have no desire to plug it in on a regular basis – I never have to.


It has a handy folder management system with sub-folders and customizable options. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. One of the best E-Inks screens around; very bright with crisp and clear text.

Bookeen Cybook Opus Review

Smart Home by Ry Crist Jul 17, Its most unique feature is the G-sensor motion detector that automatically rotates the text when you rotate the device. You cyboik also select from three different fonts; Courier New, Georgia and Verdana. The battery is fully replaceable and can be swapped out in just a couple of minutes. So, for the sake of that very rarely useful thing, I should carry more oopus and bulk, and risk my health?

It features E Ink electronic ink with a dpi display which is enough for text, although not enough for high quality images. Retrieved from ” https: The user can categorize your books into folders and subfolders for easy access. Page Turning and Start-up Time Start-up time is a little slower than with other eReaders; taking around 15 seconds. For organization, there are a number of options for customizing the view of the main menu.

It’s designed to fit in either hand comfortably, and has a long battery life of about pages. As for purchasing ebooks, I use my PC and not the K3. I think that if they made it cheaper, it cyboo, have one of the top places in the market. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.