This handy checklist lists the items that BMW dealerships go over when servicing Final Inspection. 1. Road test with check of brakes, suspension, steering, and. For complete details, please refer to the Inspection Guidelines. Section of the CPO BMW Vehicle Program Center Operations Manual. 1 of 4 i10CPOCKLST 05 -. The BMW Inspection 1 Service is the smaller of the two inspection services recommended by BMW. It includes basically all of the items that assures safety and.

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Bmw bmw inspection 1 checklist diff and trans fluids before they were footing the bill for it. Wiper and Washer Systems – Check wipers and washer system S ; ijspection blades, washer jet positions. Check instrument panel and dashboard illumination.

Check thickness of parking brake linings. Fuel Supply Line – Visually check fuel tank, lines and connections for leaks.

Seat Belt Systems – Check condition and function of safety belts. Replace intake air cleaner element Air Filter.

BMW Inspection I & II

The BMW service schedule varies based on the age of your Bimmer. This will help keep your engine clean and well lubricated. Hydraulic System, Brakes – Check brake system connections and lines for leaks, damage, and incorrect positioning.

To reset the service indicator: Reset inspecgion indicator 8. As part of your scheduled BMW maintenanceInspection 1 is like an annual check-up for your Bimmer to make sure that your safety features are working properly and to optimize the everyday performance of your vehicle. Check condition of bmw inspection 1 checklist, outer surfaces, tread wear and pattern; Bmw inspection 1 checklist case of uneven tread wear readjust wheel bmww if required.

Last Drivers  CMS-1500 FILLABLE PDF

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BMW Inspection I & II:

For BMW’s made before or duringyour first Inspection 1 will occur at 15, miles, then every 30, miles after that, inspecyion again at 45, miles, then 75, miles, and so forth.

We’ve broken down what your technician will do during Inspection 1 by which area of isnpection Bimmer it will affect. Check rear axle for leaks. This photo shows page 2 of the bmw inspection 1 checklist worksheet. Check all tires, including your spare, for proper tire pressure, Examining tires for wear and even inspectikn, realigning or correcting if necessary, and Grease wheel center hubs.

The Inspection 2 Service is the larger of the two Inspection Services and basically includes all of the items performed on the Bmw inspection 1 checklist I Service along with some extras like differential oil change; fuel filter and air filter replacements; Replacement of spark plugs.

The service indicator is an illuminated bar in the instrument cluster green arrow.

BMW Inspection 2 Service Complete Checklist – Autoscope

Set the parking brake. Check rear view mirrors Doors, Hood and Trunk – Check operation of all hinges and latches.

Brakes and Traction Control bmw inspection 1 checklist Check overall thickness of front and rear disc brake pads using special tool.

Power Steering – Check power steering system for leaks.

Depending on what is displayed along with the yellow light yellow arrowthe service will vary. If replacement is necessary: Check thickness of parking brake linings. Inspect entire body according to bmw inspection 1 checklist of rust prevention limited warranty. There are lots of threads out there that highlight the points of each inspection, bmw inspection 1 checklist no real comprehensive thread. Adjust parking brake if necessary. Unspection Hydraulic System – Check clutch system connections and lines for leaks, damage, and incorrect positioning.


Check lighting system, i.

BMW Inspection 1 (Inspection I)

I however do not like using it. Seat Belt Systems – Check condition and function of safety belts.

Wiper and Washer Systems – Check wipers and washer system S ; wiper bmw inspection 1 checklist, washer jet positions. If requested, rotate all four road wheels as instructed bkw rebalance. Once the engine is running, they will go out.

Information and technical articles within this website are for reference only. Clark Griswold, eat your heart out… Spotted at Autoscope: Check all tire pressures including spare. M3Forum Terms of Service. I’ll have to update it, but I did look at the list you posted, I just chose to not put all the visual stuff in there.

Always remember to change the oil in your car every three months or 3, miles along with the filter. Visually check fuel tank, lines, and bmw inspection 1 checklist for leaks.

Check air conditioning system for operation. Body and Frame – Inspect entire body according to terms of rust perforation limited warranty must be performed at least bmw inspection 1 checklist two years. Add fluid if required. I figured most of us keep up on those sorts of things and keep close eyes on our cars.