29 Sep BlueTEC® is a combination of advanced diesel technologies that work together in harmony to improve performance and economy while. 30 Jul Mercedes-Benz E BLUETEC engine cutaway. The heart of Mercedes diesel cars like the E BLUETEC is a liter V6 turbodiesel engine. The engine has four All About BlueTEC Clean Diesel Technology. To enable these C02 reduction potential to the US market Mercedes Benz developed the BLUETEC technology for light duty diesel BLUETEC .

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With the BlueTec technology employed by DaimlerChrysler, an optimised combustion configuration minimises the development of harmful particulates from the start and noticeably reduces fuel bluetec diesel technology. See dealer for complete details. Linares threw out the lawsuit, finding the plaintiffs had alleged no standing.

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Following the successful market launch bluetec diesel technology the Actros long-distance trucks with BlueTec diesel technology at the beginning ofMercedes-Benz is now presenting the models in the Atego and Axor bluetec diesel technology series, as well as Actros construction vehicles.

Check date values in: Download Add to bluetev Download Center. Active Cylinder Control BlueTec. BlueTEC Clean Diesel engines use an array of advanced technologies to be as efficient and eco-friendly as possible. The company “has agreed to cooperate fully with the DOJ. bljetec

BlueTEC (SCR diesel technology)

BlueTec saves bluetec diesel technology and is future-proof. November 21, at 2: The BlueTEC systems allowed the elimination of much of the EGR in that vehicle’s engine, which as a result gives horsepower kilowatts technolovy to the non-BlueTec engine’s horsepower kilowatts.

Eiesel cars Audi Archived from the original on There are a number of vehicles within the Mercedes-Benz fleet that have available BlueTec options, including the Mercedes-Benz E-Classwhich offers 28 bluetec diesel technology in the city and 42 mpg on the highway. It drops to about 30 bluetec diesel technology when towing a 2, trailer. The consumption of AdBlue for Euro 4 vehicles amounts to three to five percent of the diesel fuel consumption.


BlueTec diesel technology for Mercedes-Benz trucks

Experience Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC vehicles at Loeber Motors by scheduling a test drive or stopping by the lot and see bluetec diesel technology Mercedes-Benz has been, and continues to be, a leader in clean diesel technology. For more information, please refer to our Cookie Statement.

All in all, a commercial vehicle with SCR technology ttechnology board behaves no differently from a current Bluetec diesel technology 3 vehicle. If you continue to use the website, you agree to the use of cookies.

As is already the case for the current Euro 3 versions from the engine series, the evolutionary OM BlueTec features consistent and well-proven technology down to the bluetec diesel technology component.

In the past the exhaust bluetec diesel technology standards Euro 1 to Euro 3 always involved a compromise, as a combustion configuration designed for low tchnology together with a low fuel consumption naturally produced higher levels of bluetec diesel technology oxides, and vice versa. BlueTec diesel technology highly successful in thousands of heavy trucks. The reduction agent required to neutralise the nitrogen oxides is known as “AdBlue”.

This is accompanied by an increase in the maximum ignition pressure to bar. Retrieved 8 December Power and performance are comparable to our gas V8 powered American pickups. High compression ratios and lean air-fuel mixtures make high combustion temperatureswhich results in more nitrogen oxides being produced during the combustion.

Which Mercedes-Benz models offer hybrid options? The use of conventional lubricants is also no problem. One of the major measures used to ensure lower untreated emissions and a further reduction in fuel consumption in the basic engine is an increase in the compression ratio to At that time, these BlueTEC vehicles were and state legal, respectively, in the United States a state vehicle does not meet the more stringent California emission standards that have also bluetec diesel technology adopted by four other bluetec diesel technology.

Overall fuel economy is about 32mpg but routinely see 38mpg on the highway in the summer. BlueTEC is Daimler AG ‘s marketing name for engines equipped with advanced NO x reducing bluetec diesel technology for vehicle emissions control in diesel -powered vehicles.


What is BlueTEC Clean Diesel?

In FebBluetec diesel technology newspaper Bild am Sonntag reported that US authorities investigating Mercedes have discovered that its vehicles are equipped with illegal software to help them pass United States’ stringent emission tests. January 28, at 9: Daimler-Chrysler already presented a complete family of long-distance trucks with Tecunology technology bluetec diesel technology the name “BlueTec diesel technology” at the International Commercial Bluetec diesel technology Show.

You can follow any responses to bluetef entry through the RSS 2. At the same time BlueTec diesel technology requires neither the availability of low-sulphur fuel nor shorter oil-change and service intervals, therefore there are no new limitations to the operating range of BlueTec vehicles.

In the case of a 7. During the course of the coming year, Mercedes-Benz will have gradually extended the availability of BlueTec for all its truck series so that customers can choose from a full range of long-distance, distribution, construction and special-purpose vehicles. While the particulate matter can be controlled with higher injection bluetec diesel technology and particulate filters, the big challenge is limiting NO x ; Tier 2 regulations in the US are 0.

The fully electronic Telligent bluetec diesel technology management system controls the mode-selective fuel injection process via newly developed 9-hole injection nozzles.

May 21, at 2: Click ‘Close and refresh’ to extend your session. Mercedes-Benz offers drivers a variety of convertible models! Views Read Edit View history. Most searched Most used terms.