About Blood Law. A captivating paranormal from a rising voice in erotic romance. As undisputed Alpha, Rafael must choose a life mate to preserve the. 3 Sep Karin Tabke, author of The Chronicles of Katrina, begins her exciting, passion- filled Blood Moon Rising trilogy with Blood Law, a sizzling. Karin Tabke’s BLOOD LAW is an exciting, passion-filled beginning to her BLOOD MOON RISING trilogy, perfect for fans of Laurell K. Hamilton and J.R. Ward.

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I did not find the book predictable or boring, i found it the complete opposite in fact.

His name is Rafael. Lips gently suckled her labia as big hands fondled her breasts, and fingertips plucked her nipples. As undisputed Alpha, Rafael must choose a life mate to preserve the dominance of his Lycan pack. Or will Jax, the hopeless romantic, prove her wrong. Apr 26, Bookaholics rated it really liked it. His purpose and that of his pack is to eliminate Slayers. For 14 years his brother has been waiting to enforce the Blood Law blood law karin tabke now that it is upon them, Rafael knows he will not be able to give Lucien blood law karin tabke he is owed by law.

Blood Law – Karin Tabke – Google Books

Unless you choose to tell him. Please try again later.

She held nothing back, every inhibition had fled at his first touch. Jun 19, M. She moaned, wanting all blood law karin tabke him but suddenly afraid. Lucien may have something to say about that. And it would be a sacrifice. I was really excited for this book. He growled, attacking her with the ferocity of a starved man. Rafael decides to mark her and let the Blood Law be avenged.


She has recently been attacked, near-death and now finds herself kidnapped by a hulking biker boy. Erotic paranormal romance that enjoy a wonderful Lycan story. Blood law karin tabke enjoyed it immensely with a bit of unease mixed in. One side, the Mondragon, for Lucien. In addition, Falon finds herself both despising and enjoying Lucien’s pursuit of her even though his means are sick at best.

Say it ain’t so. Then, when her niece stumbles across the perfectly preserved body of a cowboy at Girl Scout camp, Caroline has no choice but to give Travis a call. He looked up at the ceiling two stories high to several heavy looped metal chains hanging from a swing arm mounted from a think steel beam.

View all 3 comments. She’s human and therefore worthless to Lycans but from the first moment he breathes her in, Rafael is entranced. Rafael is an alpha Lycan. As undisputed Alpha, Rafael must choose a life mate to preserve the dominance of his Lycan pack.

This book definitely takes you on a ride Lady Caroline Elmhurst is twice-widowed, down on her luck and pursued by creditors. Well more like rides in on his Harley, takes out the bad guy in all his sexy dangerous glory, and kidnaps her This man is the epitome of “alpha” and makes it no secret blood law karin tabke much he wants his woman.

She is an orphan that only knows blood law karin tabke she has special powers that make it difficult to blend in with society let alone keep a job.


Unfortunately I already have the next two books in this series that I will get around to reading, but there is no hurry. Apr 09, Paperback Dolls rated it really liked it Shelves: There was never a dull blood law karin tabke with this book. OK, one point I have to put out there.

Plus the Slayers are trying to exterminate the Lycans so they are hanging onto existence. Karin Hlood – Blood Law: The last flashback at the start of the stor 3. Falon shuddered, the intense pleasure of the contact too much for her to bear. Years later, now Rafael leading his people, he meets a woman who is destinted to play an important role in the war between the Lycans and the Hunters.

Blood Law: Blood Moon Rising Book 1

One minute your in the kaarin of a action packed fight scene, it’s blood law karin tabke, your on the edge of your seat, white-knuckle gripping the book, and then Her thighs parted, her hips rose. They definitely contain shades of gray. Surrendering to their primal heat could destroy them both…for a vengeful foe awaits to take what is rightfully his by Blood Law. Rafael is your quintessential Alpha blood law karin tabke, he is used to being in charge and kafin he says goes.