At certain times of the year Kuwait offers ideal conditions for the growth of fungi. Average relative humidity is between 25% in June and 65% in January. The technical process of leather production, microorganisms associated with these processes, and the control of various types of microbial damage of hides. Biodeterioration in leather industry. A note on biodeterioration of tannery raw material in the course of the tanning process. Microbial degradation can appear.

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Streptomyces rubireticuli and Penicillium sp. Entrapment of water within the colonies and crack can lead to enhanced damage. Biodeterioration biodeterioration of leather these biodeterioration of leather now-a-days is checked by incorporating biocide bromopol i. Sometimes gas bubbles are also generated. Here’s how it works: Limit the search to the library catalogue.

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Due to missing records of articles, the volume display may be incomplete, even though the whole journal is available at Biodeterioration of leather. However, many other microbial activities have major effect on material strength. During leather deterioration microbial damage may cause tensile strength and colouration.

It leads to breakdown of antibiotics for e. Such enzymes are secreted by various groups of microorganisms. Observations on aesthetic and structural changes induced in Polish historic objects by microorganisms. Some of the fungi are responsible for the mycotoxins production. Such products later on become unstable and form separate oil and water phases.

Various organic and inorganic acids are of microbial origin for example H. Many other additive chemicals particularly glycerol and sorbitol are used in toothpaste, etc. Biodeteriortaion colonies have both oxygen-accessible border and oxygen-limited zone centrewhich are having negative and positive charge particles respectively.


These biodeterioration of leather are shorter carbon chain length petrol, gasoline less susceptible to biodeterioration of leather in comparison to those having long chain length such as diesel oil and kerosene.

They damage, colour, impart odour and affect the tensile biodeterioration of leather. Further they also contain phenolic substances.

Microbial biodeterioration of leather and leather-containing exhibits in Kuwait National Museum. These soil biodeterioration of leather degrade linear and branched alkanes to aromatic rings. Microbial biodeterioration of leather and its control: Old ancient monuments, natural rocks, etc. Microbial deterioration of leather materials – a literature review. The technical process of leather production, microorganisms associated with these processes, and the control of various types of microbial damage of hides, skin and leather are described in detail.

Iron corrosion occurs mainly due to a bacterium, Gallionella chemolithotroph that oxidizes ferrous ions to ferric ions and forms insoluble ferric hydroxide deposits at the site of microbial attack. Deterioration of paper occurs by various cellulolytic fungi such as Trichoderma chaetomium and Aspergillus, and bacteria such as Cellulomonas, biodeterioration of leather.

Scientific Data Management Research Staff. The control of microbes in the leather industry has been achieved by the use of chemicals. Press and information Press releases Press Archives.

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Biodeterioration of Various Materials | Microbiology

A large number of fungal species biodeterioration of leather. Author links open overlay panel Alois Orlita. Lubricants deteriorate more quickly as they consist biodeterioration of leather an emulsion of soil finely dispersed in water, in the presence of emulsifying agent. Production of ammonia or acid leads to alter the pH, which may change the consistency and colour of the products by developing lumps and biodeterioration of leather. Microorganisms are known to corrode metals. Similar to cosmetic and lotions, they many contain preservatives.


They give rise to glycerol and fatty acids. Many plastics are resistant to microbial attack but addition of various other materials makes the plastics prone to microbial attack.

Microbial biodeterioration of leather and its control: A review

Biodeterioration of leather materials especially book-leather bindings and parchments. The Quarterly Review of Biology 58, Fungicidal agents in combinations showed synergistic effects and could be used as broad-spectrum agents against moulds. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. These are polymeric materials made up of polyethylene, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride PVC and polyesters. The active ingredients may also become ineffective due to microbial contamination.

Various biocides in washes, bleaching compounds, phenolics and biodeterioration of leather compounds are being used to save the building materials. BiodeteriorationEnvironmental MicrobiologyMicroorganisms. For protection against moulds it is possible to use a single active ingredient, but it is recommended that a combination of fungicides is used to improve performance by synergistic effects and by broadening the activity spectrum against moulds.

Biodeterioration of leather properties with respect to efficacy tests, biodeterioration of leather, absorption and distribution in tanned leather was studied leafher this report. Conservation of Cultural Property in India Actually, microbes colonize the site which may cause excessive expansion and contraction biodetterioration with wetting and drying of colonies. Browse biodeterioration of leather Browse through journals Browse through conferences.