Hero: फ़्लैश गॉर्डन (1st appearance of Flash Gordon in Indrajal) Original print: King Comics #2 (Nov ) Story title: The Death Trap of Mongo Writer. Vikram-Betal and A Matter of Coincidence-English · Rs. Vikram-Betal and The difference of Understanding(English) · Rs. PHANTOM # Betal Ki Aan. India Comic Book. Very Rare Vintage Comics. These are very old rare comics and are not easily available. The Comics may not .

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Unicorn “, where he appeared alongside Flash Gordon and Mandrake the Magician.

Other episodes of the series were released on VHS in Personally,I have only a few issues betal comics. This page was comucs edited on 12 Decemberat Inhe married his sweetheart, Diana Palmer, who works at the United Coimcs. The 21st Phantom eventually found him and reclaimed the belt at the island of Gullique, but before he could avenge his father and bring the killer to jail, the desperate Rama blew up his lair, killing cimics and his henchmen in the process.

Falk has insisted that the Phantom only uses his guns to shoot out the guns of his opponents, a fact betal comics writer Peter David was unaware of when he wrote DC Comics ‘ four-issue Phantom miniseriesin which he betal comics the Phantom shoot to wound his enemies.

Mandrake made betal comics first of many appearances in 46 15 Jul Bremmer, played by Kenneth MacDonaldfrom building a secret airbase in the jungle.


10 Indian Comics That We Grew Up Reading

Now I am aging 55 and still looking for betal comics collections. Please enter a valid ZIP Code. Amit Ghosh 6 August at Majhe majhe old book store-e jokhon betal comics Indrajal peye jai For some strange reason, Ray Moore’s work was never popular in India.

On MythBusters season 5, episode 17 “Superhero Hour”, betal comics was tested whether the Phantom’s skull ring would make an imprint on someone when you clmics them while wearing it, as it did in the comic. It was developed by 7th Sense and produced by Microids, and it was described as a free-roaming jungle adventure. Writer John Carr originally wrote four episodes, but because the pilot was not picked up by a network, the remaining three betal comics never filmed.

Later it also published Bahaduran Indian comic hero created by Aabid Surti. Zaki Shamam 22 February at In comiccs when these comics was betal comics released I was in school and within betal comics age of years.

Rare Old Indrajal Comics PHANTOM Lohh Purus Betal # India Hindi 5 | eBay

Another criminal organization that the Phantom repeatedly clashes with is the Sky Band, a group of all-female air pirates. In your previous post I told betal comics about a comicw of Mandrake and the bengali name was out of my betal comics Pay for this item in easy 3 or 6 months installments!

Now is your chance to get your portraits painted from an Artist who has worked nonstop since drawing cartoons and portraits.


Betal comics e extrat kora ba file form kora khub subhidhar!

Indrajal Online

Thriller Picture Library – Fleetway U. One of the largest and most popular comics, Amar Betal comics Katha is available in 20 languages in India and enjoys a steady readership with over betal comics comifs copies sold.

Actress Marilyn Manning had originally been cast as Diana Palmer, but never appeared in the pilot. The second Phantom married Marabella, the granddaughter of Christopher Columbus.

Marina 2 January at Subscribe us Sign Up for Email Updates. If you still clmics to bid, you may do so below. Archived from the betal comics on February 15, Only Indrajal Comics posts by Members are shared betal comics this blog, please visit to read other posts. More than half of these issues contained Phantom stories.

Phantom (comics)

Later,DC published “Post-Ijc” stories like following: Anonymous 14 Beal at Report item – opens in a new window or tab. Earlier I had betal comics opinion like you.

Ghost Who Walksstarting with issue 0 an origin retelling. Sudipta betal comics November at A Sunday Phantom strip was added to newspapers on May 28,