pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your laundry appliances and more at ManualsOnline. Beko WMW Washer User Manual. Page 1. User manual for the device Beko BEKO Automatic Washing Machine WMS. Online user manual database. Automatic washing machine WM W WM S Please read this user manual first! Dear Customer, We hope that you get the best results from the product.

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Simply select the program desired, and click the Quick Wash Button. Auxiliary function that is not compatible with the programme cannot be selected. Never force the filter while installing it into its housing. C Cleaning the loading door and the drum inside of the bellow with a clean piece of cloth after the programme has come to an end.

As an alternative application, select a programme with extra rinse and add the bleaching agent while the machine is taking water from the detergent compartment during first rinsing step. It is marked with this label to indicate the used appliances that should not be mixed with other waste. Open the filter cap. If the anti-limescale is in tablet form, environmentally friendly manner.

Adjust the feet un. C In the event that any of the lights temperatures. It has more sensitive washing movements and does not make intermediate spinning compared to the synthetic programme.


Service Service Please keep your purchase receipt agreement document. Using softeners Pour bekp softener into the softener compartment wm5120 the detergent drawer. Refer to your local dealer or solid waste collection centre in your area to learn how to dispose of your product.


Otherwise, the product may move from its place and cause crushing and vibration problems. Page 31 Dry the detergent drawer before putting in put in wet dispenser detergent.

Such dusts and powders on the laundry may build up on the inner parts of the machine in time and can cause damage. Posted on Sep 05, My washing machine time delay switch is flashing and I can’t turn the manyal on what do I need to do? Select the desired programme with the programme selection button. When overloaded, machine’s washing performance will drop.

It is necessary to have 10 — 80 liters of water flowing from the fully open tap in one minute to have your machine run smoothly.

In case of forcing the loading door to open, the door and the lock mechanism may get damaged. If it is one piece, seat the tabs in the lower part into their places first, and then manuxl the upper part to close.

It may cause stains on your laundry.

Login beoo post Please use English characters only. This is not a CThe failure. To make the product ready for use, review the information in the user manual and make sure that the electricity, tap water supply and water drainage systems are appropriate before calling the Authorized Service Agent. When you use additional chemicals stain removers, bleaches and etcreduce the amount of detergent.

BEKO WM5120 Installation & Operating Instructions And Washing Guidance

Filter must be cleaned whenever it is clogged or in every 3 months. This will cause problems with your product. For children’s safety, cut the power cable and break the locking mechanism of the loading door so that it will be nonfunctional before disposing of the product. More Control panel Program selection and consumption table Turning the machine on Program selection Main programs Draining remaining water, cleaning pump filter Spin Speed selection Inlet water filters.


Loosen the lock nuts on the feet by discharge, do not immerse manuual hose hand. Washing performance is poor: Applies for the products supplied with a blind stopper group. It must be used for clothes for which w,5120s washing is recommended.

Beko BEKO Automatic Washing Machine WMS user manual – – Solve your problem

In case of transferring the product to someone else, give the manual as well. Keep packaging materials in a safe place away from reach of the children.

Take out the filters on the flat ends of the water intake hoses together with the gaskets and clean thoroughly under running water. Discharging the water when the product has an emergency draining hose: Pre-wash No spin A pre-wash is only worthwhile for heavily You may use this program if you do not soiled laundry. Before manua the programme, put max.