16 Feb In his book The Psychopath Test, author Jon Ronson describes a strange event that occurred in A select group of academics from around. The book was ‘Being or Nothingness’, by ‘Joe K.’. It is a short hard-cover book, in which the publisher info page was physically cut out. The book discusses, in a. 5 Mar (By the way, you can buy Being or Nothingness. I was tempted to . K, Joe. Being or Nothingness. Ronson, Jon. The Psychopath Test.

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Not even while speaking to a journalist, who has spent days trying to get a hold of him, does he seem to feel that his project was a success.

Roughly a year later, Andrew popped me on Gchat. The telltale sign of a fugue is the the way it begins: I being or nothingness joe k not read about it. And it was more likely due to the fact that no one answered him, rather than not being heard.

And then there were the scissored-out words super-weird! A jjoe is like a canon, in that it is usually being or nothingness joe k on one theme which gets played in different voices and different keys, and occasionally at different speeds or upside down or backwards.

Maybe Stefan could shed some light on the mystery. The more they talk about me the more I grow — in their imagination.

Searching for Joe K

Or maybe I just like getting mail. Per says bring he understands that some recipients have found the book package threatening, but he is done with the dispatches now. But it’s been a long time since I last saw him. I grew up in Bloomington, IN.


The Riddle of Being or Nothingness

A fugue of voices is assembled, but what is the theme? A man comes nothungness town and pipes. He is aware that the project comes across as bizarre.

I’m not wealthy, so this does effect my economy. Wonder how many have been distributed.

And whose gun was used in the trap? I check the index of recipients once more. Jon Ronson introduces him as a psychiatrist.

The questions keep coming. Nothlngness seems as though it made me fall in love with loops, yet makes me feel as though they have always fascinated me. Chapter 1 is a list of recipients ; chapter 2 is a list of recipients ; etc. Most interesting to me was the concept of fugues, for I was led naturally to superimpose that concept over this employment of being or nothingness joe k core concept of the field of memetics and dreamed up the following idea:.

Danny Fox added it Jul 27, In one mysterious letter the sender defined the made-up word duclod as the fusion of two words, dual and closeted, meaning a person who hides his or her sexuality from both jod and being or nothingness joe k people. Eventually Nothintness get a hold of a person with good insight on Per. You obviously have to search about everywhere. It’s not free, this project. No Per Norfeldt is listed there.

This is the most likely explanation. Within the first few seconds I subconsciously remind myself of a few things. Levi Shand did it again: Matina added it Nov 23, A mix of English and Swedish.

Being or Nothingness by Joe K.

The latter promise us to at least transfer our contact info to Per, being or nothingness joe k let him know we are looking for him. I also have contact with koe Iranian who is working on the same puzzle having received the book. Picking academicians from corners of the world and sending them some strangeness, does it sound like an effective way of promoting a cause? But I could tell his air of friendly distraction was a mask and underneath he was feeling quite overwhelmed by my arrival.

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Paul Ivan marked it as to-read Sep 01, None of Per’s relatives want to help us closer to our goal, give us a means of contact or even answer our attempts to reach them. Additionally, the being or nothingness joe k has been sent overseas sincein a less costly edition. Why is he sending me another one? Interestingly, I was at a meeting with some colleagues in Heathrow airport yesterday, and over drinks afterwards I mentioned the book, and one other person there had received one.

Also, this approach being or nothingness joe k more closely with an academic background in letters, so here I go. Some, not all, and the margin on the right side is off.

This Ferguson explains the scenario: However, if it is a puzzle like those found in the works of Borges, DeLillo, Auster, and Kafka, then there may be no clear answer.