Bella POV. I was currently sat in Alice’s room with Alice and Rose stood in front of me holding too many beauty cosmetics for my liking. “C’mon. found the first one! its Beautiful, Dirty, Rich by Kikiblue Oh and another I just remembered about, It has like The Saw plot, and they have to do. Beautiful Dirty Rich by • One Bet. Bella bets Edward that after a week of some raw sexcapades he won’t want to stop. He bets her.

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Or are there just sacrifices they both have to make…? The last of them were ridiculously prosperous and they practically bathed in thousand dollar bills. We danced through out the whole night and soon I got tired, so we all went home, as soon as I landed on the bed I was out like a lamp. We were dancing for a while and I didn’t seem to notice that half of the male population in the club was staring at me.

I had to hand it to her, she should be a beautician, and she was a natural. A troubled girl, damaged beyond repair. The Lucky Ones Summary: Being surrounded by all these shallow people, you must wonder how lonely and emotionally challenged these particular human beings must be.


Is there anything ikkiblue have to offer each other? All the guys will be staring at you! I heard a squeal come from Alice.

Bad Girl/Rebelella – TwiFanfictionRecs

And she just walked back into my life. Then he called the cops. Whether the other adolescents wanted to scam their way into friendships, the sole reason being the benefits that will follow or the grown men and women who were looking for a way into fortune. She takes, she drains.

In the morning I came downstairs after having my ‘human moments’ whilst singing.

Bad Girl/Rebelella – TwiFanfictionRecs

Further on into the night, Bella has a thought. Bella is not a push over — and she has her own ways of keeping entertained. Life takes a crazy turn […] imarieswancullenRead on Fanfiction. With a sigh Alice and Rose knew that was there ‘Okay’ without me saying anything. Kiikiblue townspeople longed to appear even slightly similar to the two of them, and looked up at them with certain adoration. After meeting Edward, Bella thought her life would finally calm down, but nothing could prepare her for what happens next.


The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Embed this content in your HTML. Here are their stories. One who didn’t know them on a personal level might call them obscene. Much love to all who are reading this. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich Once upon a time, in a land in the middle of nowhere, where it always rained, lived six specials seventeen-year-olds.

Not a regular love story.

Jeez Rose bequtiful hurt, my hair is attached to me you know! Adults and children alike looked at them with mock-friendliness. Bella and Edward were wreaking havoc, making out, breaking up, and making up. Where can I read […] imarieswancullenRead on Fanfiction. Browsing the Latest Snapshot. Openly sexual, disconcertingly beautiful and filthy rich.