Seven great Herdstones stand hidden in the forests surrounding the city of Mordheim. From there the Beastmen warbands come to raid the city: Warherd of . Hey folks, after not playing any miniature games in years, I’m about to start playing Mordheim. As a warband I chose, of course, the Beastmen. Chaos Beastmen. Ok I changed this one a bit – I got rid of the Centigor – which I have been chatting with someone who asked why – it was.

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Definitely push for as much terrain as you can get on the table as it will do nothing but benefit you as modheim have no shooting whatsoever. It is not the nature of Chaos to create, but to destroy. The Hero is blessed by the Chaos Gods and gains one mutation at random.

A Caprigor with these mutations and no others is called a Truegor and are stronger, braver and more intelligent than other Caprigors. Beastmmen massive weapons can be very powerful in combat but also allow the Bray-Shaman protection when attacked.

To made the base I have followed the same method HeresyBrush used in his Mariemburg warband.

Ok, I have officially fixed the Spear issue, I decided to go with 15gc and got rid of automatic poison but of course you can still buy some for it if you want!

They are angry and spiteful of this so are besstmen to thrust pain and suffering on others for the pain forced on them by the Gors. The Sorcerer may re-roll all failed dice rolls. Caprigors are the most common sub-breed of Gor, recognisable by their goat-or-sheep-like heads and legs and, more importantly, by their curling or straight goat horns.


Good to see some activity in here The minis look nice. This spell may only be successfully cast once per game.

Beastman Warband

The Wargor may choose one skill from those on his table. Use the “Gor” Max Statline except for movement obviously where he can retain his own.

The Wargor may immediately exchange this for the Mark of Tzeentch, Khorne, Nurgle or Slaanesh, gaining those benefits instead.

The Minotaur has thick fur and a tough hide and can survive damage that would kill a lesser creature. Joined Apr 2, Messages 2, Ungors are not as strong, tough or intelligent as their Gor cousins.

Yellow flames appear and surround the Sorcerer blocking enemy attacks. Beastman Chief, Shaman, Gor Henchmen: The Beastman warband must include at least 3 models. This is my first post in ModelBrush, but not the last.

Mordheim – Officially Unofficial Rules: Chaos Beastmen

I’m guessing these are intended more for Empire in Flames, but I still think something a little darker would suit them better. When not at war these Bestigors beasgmen their strength during raids of human colonies and mordheom. The toughest and strongest warriors in beastman society band together to fight in large units during times of war. Recibir un email con los siguientes comentarios a esta entrada.

Once cast this spell lasts until the end of the game. Plus, if you get knocked down, you can roll behind the cover to be fully covered and not able to be shot.

Any tips or resources for a beastmen warband? : mordheim

The model must pass a toughness test or immediately roll on the injury chart. Thread starter MasterSpark Start date Jul 3, For a short time there in Warhammer Fantasy they were combining units of Gors and Ungors and so neither could take ranged weapons 6th edition I think and this was originally written out then, now that they have gone back I think the little buggers need their bows back. MasterSpark ‘Wifestealer’ – brilliant title! Played our first 3 games last night.


The Warrior is a Wizard and follows the rules for a Wizard. Beastmen are human-animal hybrids, both in body and mind. But are there only beastmen and carnival of chaos there? These fierce warriors may even be granted the notice of the Dark Gods, these favored warriors are marked by their dark masters, and wear these sacred marking of badges of their fighting prowess. Though not as intelligent as many other creatures they are, many times, just as ambitious.

The target must make a leadership test against their base leadership cannot use the Leaders. A Wargor is the strongestmost brutal warrior of his tribe. Skip to content This is my first post in ModelBrush, but not the last.

Bray-Shaman may be equipped from the Beastman equipment list, but an Bray-Shaman may never wear armour. When rolling for injury on the henchman chart only a roll of 1 will kill him, on roll of he sustains no injuries.