BAUMGARTEN’S AESTHETICA. MARY J. GREGOR. Although the content of Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten’s. Aesthetica1 seems to be familiar in German. 26 Feb Aesthetica. by Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten. Publication date Usage Public Domain Mark Topics bub_upload. Publisher Kleyb. The theory of aesthetics started controversies over its legitimate existence as a fully developed science. Alexander Baumgarten was the first who used the word .

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Herder also argues that both sculpture, which he emphatically distinguishes baumgarten aesthetica painting, and poetry ultimately aim much more at truth than at beauty. In so doing, he gave the word a different significance, thereby inventing its modern usage.

Everything that leaves bau,garten powers in peace when we cognize it is a dead cognition. Sign in to baumgarten aesthetica this feature. This article has no associated abstract.

Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten (ed.), Aesthetica – PhilPapers

baumgarten aesthetica We can consider the cognition of the soul in different respects; either in so awsthetica as it is true or false, which I call the material aspect baumgarten aesthetica cognition; or in so far as arouses pleasure aesthetiac displeasure, has as its consequence the approval or disapproval of the soul, and this can be called the formal aspect in cognition.

Instead, the innovation comes at the beginning of the first chapter of the work, when Baumgarten writes that.

He was born a quarter-century before Herder but his encyclopedic General Theory of the Fine Artsfirst published from towas contemporaneous baungarten baumgarten aesthetica central works of Herder as the essays on Ossian and Shakespeare.

A poet is a skilled imitator of all natural things; and this he has in common with painters, connoisseurs of music, etc. Following DescartesWolff saw the ideas encountered in sensation as those whose content was presented in the baumgarten aesthetica obscure way. Living cognition becomes alive through baumgarten aesthetica sensible representations.

Baumgarten’s “Aesthetica”

baumgarten aesthetica However, since Baumgarten himself does not give as much emphasis to the emotional aspect of the experience of art in his Aesthstica as his earlier Meditations might lead us to expect, perhaps because it remained incomplete, we baumgarten aesthetica return to Meier’s development of this theme only baumgarten aesthetica we have considered Baumgarten aesthetica mature work. The Expression of so great a soul is beyond the force of mere nature.

The Baumgartens thus arrived in Halle just after Wolff had been expelled and the study of his philosophy banned, although the ban was less strictly enforced at the famous Pietist orphanage and school in Halle the Franckesche Stift where they went first than at the university.


I should prefer that only those be called works of art in which the artist had occasion to show himself as such and in baumgarten aesthetica beauty was his first and ultimate aim.

Baumgarten aesthetica seems to be a particular mark of beauty that we contemplate it with quiet satisfaction; that it pleases, even if we do not possess it, and that is remote from the urge to possess it. Indeed, Meier continues that zesthetica is by arousing our passions that art achieves its goal baumgarten aesthetica a clear but confused, that is, manifold but densely packed, cognition.


He is however distinguished from these by the manner of his imitation and the means through which he achieves it. Here Wolff defines perfection in both formal and substantive terms: Baumgarten aesthetica then says that sensory perception is clear but indistinct or confused knowledge, and illustrates his general thesis about sense perception with a remark about baumgarten aesthetica perception and judgment of art: The lower powers of the soul, the desires baumgartne aversions, constitute the life of a cognition.

So let us now turn to the innovations of Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten and his disciple and ally, Georg Friedrich Meier. Herder’s work on Sculpture was abumgarten by several of what are now baumgarten aesthetica best-known works, the Treatise on the Origin of Language and This Too a Philosophy of History for the Education of Humanity Hence they can baumgarten aesthetica serve as determinate a priori laws to which our judgment of taste must conform.

baumgarten aesthetica In the Morning Lessons Mendelssohn does not emphasize that the free play of the mind has a pleasing effect on baumgarten aesthetica body, but he does in his baumgarten aesthetica writings, so let us now return to this third item in Mendelssohn’s catalogue of the axes of perfection in aesthetic experience.

This illustration would be decisive baumgarten aesthetica Wolff and all of those whom he in turn influenced. Aesthetics is in general the science of sensible cognition.

Login Through Your Library. Added to PP index Total downloads 11of 2, Recent downloads 6 months 7 56, of 2, How can I increase my downloads? An Essay on the Limits of Painting and Poetryalthough not published untilwas clearly begun and largely written before the appearance of Winckelmann’s History in Journals with no new volumes being added to the archive.

As we saw, Gottsched believed that a poetic fable describes events baumgarten aesthetica a possible rather than in the actual world, but he insists that the laws of nature and human nature must remain constant: We may now turn to Herder’s second main criticism of Lessing, hinted at baumgarten aesthetica the first of the Groves of Criticism but more fully developed in the unpublished fourth Grove and in its successor, the essay on Sculpture.


One other important aesthetician of the s was also, like Baumgaarten, actually a student baumgarten aesthetica Kant, but his theory would become an unstated target of Kant’s criticism rather baumgarten aesthetica a source for him.

This is the side on which the faculty of approval touches demand or baungarten. Instead, Baumgarten aesthetica argues that the phenomenon of distance that Riedel mistakenly characterizes as general quality of disinterestedness in all aesthetic response is a specific feature of the visual perception of beauty, indeed that beauty is properly speaking a property only of the visual.

Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten – – Apud J. Andrew Cooper – – European Journal of Philosophy 24 4. Lessing thus touches upon the new idea that aesthetic response is based on the free play of our mental powers stimulated by an object, in his case always by a work of art, and he exploits several of Mendelssohn’s theoretical tools. Now such representations are motions of the affects, hence to arouse affects is poetic.

The next year baumgarten aesthetica became a village vicar and was able to devote himself to natural history and archaeology. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Only through this application does baumgarten aesthetica become important baumgarten aesthetica the human race and deserve the attention of the wise and the support of regents. Wolff’s collected works over thirty volumes in German and forty in Latin baumgarten aesthetica German versions of his logic, metaphysics, ethics, political philosophy, and teleology as well as a four-volume encyclopedia of mathematical subjects.

18th Century German Aesthetics (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

In this comparison and in the baumgarten aesthetica that we give to an object consists the essence of the beautiful and the ugly, the good and the evil, the perfect and the imperfect. Refined philosophical notions, on the other hand, made their content obvious, and were thus described as more ‘clear and distinct’ than those provided by the baumgarten aesthetica.

This section will also include a discussion of the aesthetic theory of Marcus Herz, who was first a baumgarten aesthetica of Kant and then a friend of Mendelssohn, but who developed an aesthetic theory that is aesthetkca interesting ways independent of both.