4 Apr pages of tutorials, covering the main concepts of Android programming. 10 Mar Basic4Android is a lesser-known IDE for Android development that can help I also think it’s a rather good tool for beginners and for creating. Creating an app for Android doesn’t require a full-blown integrated Michael Lehman introduces MIT App Inventor 2, Basic4android, and a few other entry- level.

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ErelMay 8, The IDE and framework will do their best to help you with getting your job done. basic4android tutorial

You can also use B4J which is free to basic4android tutorial simple little desktop apps for your own purposes, or to create apps that need to communicate with the computer such as media controllers. Filippo Jul 22, at We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. MCU01 Jul 1, You could just as easily get it to do anything else you liked by putting different bits of code in here. Net programmer and you need a quick way to start developing android apps, B4A is your right choice as Basic4android tutorial will get basic4android tutorial there with instantly.

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An introduction to Basic4Android

Please do basic4android tutorial post questions in this sub-forum. Link-only answers can become invalid if the linked page changes. Emad-ud-deen 2, basic4android tutorial 71 B4A is the fastest android development platform. Like I said at the start, choosing the right tool for the job ttorial part of the challenge. Erel Jul 26, at 6: Basic4Android allows any user to create and share their own libraries which are written in Java.

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You can find the trial version here. With the vast range of libraries your app can do everything that Android is capable of. In other words, because the syntax is largely the same for Basic4Android, Basic4Java and Basic4iOS, you can create a simple app basic4android tutorial the PC and then swap out some libraries and basic4android tutorial features in order to port it to both Android and iPhone.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Your name or email basic4android tutorial He explained to me in his own words what Basic4Android is all about:.

Tutorials & Examples

Give basic4android tutorial a try, click below to download a trial or buy a full version. Descending order Ascending order.

You can see showcases of some apps created with Basic4Android here. Erel Jul 19, basic4android tutorial Our task is to allow developers with any skill level to quickly develop real world applications.

basic4android libgdx tutorial – Android Forums at

The question that a basic4android tutorial of people are likely to ask is: Likewise, creating global variables is much easier, so is writing strings, so is setting timers, using custom fonts…. Oh and Android Studio also basic4android tutorial a lot more professional and has a bit more polish generally when compared with B4A. But as someone who can use multiple Basic4android tutorial, I still find myself coming back to B4A for a number of different tasks tutorila to how simple and straightforward it is.


And to me, Basic4Android is one of the very best options for when you want to make an Android app quickly.

The answer to this, on the whole, is yes. But if you have decided that you do want to go ahead, then you can follow these tips to basic4android tutorial set-up:.

Computersmith64 Jul 10, Visit my youtube Share this: Mikonios Aug 24, In this Video tutoriali show you how to grab initials of an app Share this: ErelNov 14, Unity is perfect for making 3D basic4android tutorial without having to hire basic4android tutorial entire team of developers.