Must have an addendum for the closing date reading, “within 45 days from investor authorize(s) Bank of America, N.A., its affiliates, agents and employees . 16 May Bank of America has added yet another form to its arsenal. It’s a short sale purchase contract addendum (which you can view and download. 25 Aug How does the Bank of America short sale process work? Each lender is slightly different when it comes to how they handle short sales, so in.

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Pubished on July 26,updated on August 25, This may take days in all.

Short-Sale Addendum Aims at Fraud, BofA Says

This step, in particular, is where the tables can turn on the seller, and where an experienced and successful negotiator on your side can really be worth their weight in gold. It is signed only by the Buyer.

Agents can certainly get caught in fraud inadvertently. I have to touch on the issue that I am hearing so much about lately and that is investor short sale fraud.

Dhort All- There are so many responses I want to make here that I bank of america short sale addendum type forever and I would get contact info for all of you and we would discuss how to make each others realities under this RE umbrella even more productive. This article is for information purposes and is not specific advice to any one reader. Xale is being done anyway to prosecute the perpetrators especially those short sale sellers borrowers who short sale their house to a relative or friend bank of america short sale addendum a prearrangement that short sale seller borrower could stay at the house and buy back the house at later date.

I was told by my Attorney this is a Deed Restriction and can not be held up in court since its not required as part of the DEED aamerica escrow.

Bank of America Short Sale

To do what is morally right for them will get a response for them to do what is morally right in return to us and also for their acquaintances. Ark Og Group Blog. If the listing agent is not a business partner in the entity the investor is buying with? BoA has the worst industry reputation particularly bank of america short sale addendum it relates to short Sales transactions.


The investors are having more fees to pay as well, so why would the banks want to modify? As a word to the wise simply play their game, but get good at it and beat them silently.

The agent finds a buyer at a market price, and the agent holds this buyer back. The owners that xale to stay in the home and love their homes but came into some finacial hardship are the only ones that will actually pay bank of america short sale addendum they owe on that loan. We all know market value is determined by what a buyer is willing to pay. Why dont they just do that and let the owners stay in the home. Then last, they can also cut some of the principal balance. And, in fact, the original idea for the addendum came from Bank of america short sale addendum Mac, which requires it.

Get those referrals a rollin! First you will need: Cannot believe what I am reading from my Realtor members. It is a waste of time.

Short-Sale Addendum Aims at Fraud, BofA Says

The Negotiator will review and respond to the offer, generally in days. That was a new one. Complete Guide to Short Sales. I have to live not knowing if I am going to get the mod. Wow, whats with all the negative remarks against banks here.

The Bank of America short sale may be shorter or longer depending on how quickly the negotiator is able to get documents and come to an agreement on terms, etc.

Oh how we ALL hate short sales! Shame on the system everyone should call their congressman and get this off the radar. Once I heard that they told me they could only accept my full payment. The assigned Negotiator will respond to the offer and to the investor fee caps. For example, the parties find a buyer at current market value [which is considerably lower than what the owner bank of america short sale addendum paid] and that buyer salee the property back to the home owner, or they allow the owner to stay in the home, or they feed the owner hank cash out of the deal so that the vank can stay in the home.


Also Bank of America is not so trusting of clients as they are requiring Sellers to sign a T for tax purposes. Bank of Americaflippingfloppingmortgage addendum. They sometimes work diligently for up to 2 years or more on a lengthy difficult short sale where any other buyer would have walked after 3 months. I am a real estate professional bank of america short sale addendum have done ameruca number of short-sales in the past 5 years.

The last form that might be needed to initiate is the Bank of america short sale addendum Election Form. It has the Buyer affirming that he or she is not in any way related to Bank of America, that no close relatives of the Buyer are so related including a dependent child that lives with a Bank bank of america short sale addendum America employee or any other person that derives primary means of financial support from a Bank of America employee.

Required information to initiate the short sale process with Bank of America There is some paperwork required to initiate a short sale with Bank of America. Would they rather have them live on the street. Once you ameriac that above and beyond good deed you will be rewarded ten-fold.

Can someone shed adsendum light o that? I have many issues with the policies and forms in place.


I hope any new administration will streamline this. What about fraud prevention from banks? A typical flop goes like this: