Yoursavedplansarelocatedin”MyPictures\BackyardEOS\Plans\”folderbydefault. Load Loadapreviouslysavedcaptureplan. Save Savethecaptureplan. BackYard EOS – how to connect camera & computer – posted in DSLR A PDF Manual for Back Yard EOS would be highly appreciated. Don’t you need to manually focus the star by adjusting the focus rack BackyardEOS doesn’t focus the camera,you have to do that using the.

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This highly acclaimed software is in use all bwckyardeos the world by thousands of users. Your Shopping Cart will be saved and you’ll be given a link. Youmaysettheshutterspeed,exposureduration inseconds ,theISO,andapausevalue defaultisone second betweeneachexposure.

SGP would save all of the information for a quick setup the next time I was out imaging. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

BackyardEOS User Guide |

Ok thanks I’ll give it a try. In the settings I’ve put the download folder as ‘My Pictures’ yet when I take a picture it isn’t saving it there or anywhere for that matter. Continued use of Bacmyardeos indicates your acceptance of our cookie policy.

Not only could I run a series of events, but it had astrophotography specific tools for focusing and framing my object, and a lot more.

BackyardEOS & BackyardNIKON

I am yet to use this feature of APT, or any other of the imaging applications. Once I discovered that each camera has a target ADU for a successful flat frame, I was able to use the wizard to produce the right flats for the ASI through my telescope. I think that advanced imagers can have a hard time viewing software through the eyes of a beginner, as I know I have been guilty of excluding information about my workflow.


For my personal style and imaging goals, Astro Photography Tool will likely be my imaging control software of choice for years to come! These images will come in handy when reviewing your image files to stack. MirrorLock optional Selectthe optional MirrorLocksetting inseconds. The information from your tutorials and reviews has helped me to bring my love of astronomy, and my new found passion for astrophotography, to a much higher level than I ever hoped to achieve this soon.

I can’t run my version up at the moment to check but all the control is from backyard EOS. Any Idea where the photos are being saved too and how I change the quality??? This uses the Bahtinov Grabber technology to further improve the precision of your focus using a Bahtinov mask.

Backyardeos – Getting Started With Imaging – Stargazers Lounge

Register a new backyardels. CombinedwithSnap,itallowsyoutotakecontinuousimagesofXduration inseconds withaYpause betweeneachimages. Your cart email sent successfully: Upgrade shipping Wrong item shipped Backyardeoss order Other. At this point, I have only used APT for its most basic operations including running my exposure sequences and camera cooling.

TheMirrorLockvaluerepresentsthewaittime inseconds betweenmirrorflipupandtheactualstart oftheexposure. All software can do is control a focussing mechanism, so unless you have an electric focuser attached to the scope which is remote controlled by eos then all you are altering is the numbers on the computer screen My request of you is to do make another video with a better review of APT as there was very little in the way of review in this video at least it seems so to a newcomer like myself ……….

Sign in Already have an backyardsos Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Dithering ifactivated betweenimages willonlyoccurforimagesoftype”Lights”. Thepurposeistofacilitateframingasecondsession orpostmeridianflip exactlyasyouroriginal sessionwas. DriftAlignmentRecordingwillrecord stack intoasingleimagealltheliveviewframescaptured duringtherecording. The developer clearly had backyatdeos backyard astrophotography in mind when designing this software.

Last Drivers  IRDA ACT 1999 PDF DOWNLOAD

Im sure I read ‘keep seconds the same as mm” I. Aperture Optional Theaperturefieldisonlyvisibleifthecameralensisattachedtothecameraandwillcontainall aperturevaluessupportedbytheattachedlens.

I believe backyardeoa numbers will only work if you have selected a point source Delay manuual SettheDelayvalue inseconds whichwillbeusedtodelaythestartofthecaptureplanonceyoupress theStartCapturebutton. To see where APT fits into my deep sky astrophotography workflow, have a look at my step-by-step process.

Its intuitive user interface caters to the amateur and seasoned astronomers alike. I have recently installed Astro Photography Tool on my dedicated astrophotography laptop. Hi James — congrats on the camera, great choice! Have a look at this Shopping Cart sent by a friend via Tether Tools.

Congratulations on your new auto guiding set up, you deserve it.

You can read more about my experiences photographing the Whale Galaxy, including the complete photography details here: What software are you adjusting the DSLR with? Inotherwords,ifyouadduptheADUvalues lessthebackground insidethe diameter,andoutsidethediameter,youwillgetthesamenumber. One question on focusing tho.

Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. Running a DSLR in warm weather without any cooling backyafdeos create a lot of noise in your astro image. I also enjoyed the Flats wizard, once I learned how to use it! So ,can you recommend an other program witch compatible with sony cameras?

SettingaPausevalueofafewseconds,sayfive 5 seconds,allowsyourto adjustfocusonyourfocuserbeforethenextfocussnapimageistake. The defaultvalueis1 nostacking butyoucanchoosetostackup20frames.

Astro Photography Tool Review

What number is good focus??? This is more than I can say about my first run with Sequence Generator Pro! So for camera control you would recomend this APT?

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