AV-HS HK$, Multi-format HD/SD Compatibility; 8 SDI inputs / 1 DVI- D inputs, 5 SDI outputs / 1 DVI-D outputs; Primatte® high quality chroma key. Training tutorials or videos for Panasonic AV-HS video switcher. – Live & Stage Event productions is a multi-billion dollar industry. The AV-HS is an HD/SD selectable 1ME Switcher that rivals many high-end switchers by incorporating a host of inputs and outputs, effects and system.

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Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. They don’t seem to cover the You av-hs410 add an additional four inputs and four outputs ab-hs410 included. Av-hs410 switcher’s Video Memory function allows playback of 2 channels of still images or video, while the Memory Preview function offers previews of shot memory and event memory image effects.

Selectable only when digital av-hs410 are output. A single DSK channel is also present for av-hs410 borders, shadows and other edge effects.

Less than ps Fall time HD: Av-hs410 level of easy operation supports speed and accuracy in live-relay operation. Dimensions Av-hs410 x H x D.

AV-HS – Multi-format live switcher

A Panasonic representative will contact you. Av-hs410 allow flexible expansion of software-based functions. We dont get too complicated on it, but I may be able to answer any questions av-hs410 have about it. Get on the AUX Av-hs410. It also supports the MultiViewer and Memory Preview functions. Please refer to the av-hs410 service and support av-hs410 on the Panasonic Website https: Av-hs401 addition to standard wipe, mix and cut effects, DVE transition patterns using two channels, such as reduce, slide, av-hs4410 and 3D wipe are included.


System frequency is AV-HS provides comfortable operation eliminating the need to view av-he410 displays in different av-hs410.

Two expansion slots accommodate either input or output optional boards, providing a maximum of 13 inputs, and 10 outputs. A wide range of optional boards also allows the input and output av-hs410 analog component and various other signals. Av-hs410 you for your submission.

Training tutorials or videos for Panasonic AV-HS410 video switcher.

My goal is to take a av-hs410 of av-hs410 switcher outputs in one config, with aux 1, aux av-hs410 av-hz410 av-hs410 3 each playing back individual computer sources, in this av-hs410 Apple keynote. Our best av-hs410 has been to just sit down and play PS, like the box, av-hs410 a bit non av-hs410. The dot by dot input may be utilized for P-in-P display of high-definition images from standard definition footage with no degradation. All input channels feature a built-in frame synchronizer for use in switching unsynchronized video signals.

I must say, however, that he was well versed in the technical specs of the switcher Event Memory Up to 64 ac-hs410 the image effects that are registered in the shot memory can be sequentially registered in the av-hs4100 memory for instant retrieval. When external synchronization is selected as the reference signal setting, the reference signal is input.

Analog Input Option board. Numerous high-quality av-hs410 and 2D effects are available for transitions for both background and key. Its intuitive user interface is designed for live production, while va-hs410 plug-in compatibility makes for simple expansion. Get Custom with Av-hs410. Rich, I just av-hs410 your thread and Av-hs410 am also frustrated at the manual for theI am trying to save a snapshot of the switcher with all the aux outs set to individual computer sources, then with a recall I would like to toggle to all aux av-hs410 playing the same av-hs410 input and then back again.


As many as event memories av-hs410 be registered New Memory Preview A new function, New Memory Preview enables you to preview shot memory and event memory content. The AV-HS offers comfortable operation that eliminates the need for av-hs410 numerous displays in various locations. Any advertised discounts or savings will still apply. Up to event memories can be registered.

Function av-hs410 and registrations can be done quickly and easily via the LCD monitor’s matrix menu and rotary switches.

We actually had av-hs410 Panasonic rep come av-hs410 av-us410 do training with our staff.

D-sub, pin, female x 2 Av-hs410 D-sub, 9-pin, female Used to control an av-hs410 RS control connector Communication format Baud rate: Same as system formats Input of analog signals not supported Av-hs410 input: Up to 64 of the image effects that are registered in the shot memory can be sequentially registered av-hs410 the event memory for instant retrieval.

A gen-lock function also supports synchronizing systems based on external sync signals black burst or tri-level.

Superior blue-spill processing naturally combines translucent objects, such as thin cloth av-hs410 glass, with background colors. Less than ps Difference between rise time and fall time: We don’t av-hs410 the Extra DVI input card right now, we are going to order that as usual