24 Sep We’re not going to deny that spending a solid day cleaning your car won’t leave it looking pristine, but that doesn’t mean that impressive results. Give your car the look of luxury. Find out how to get your car looking good enough to display on a showroom floor. By following a number of top tips and using. 17 Nov Autoglym products clean, polish and protect the interior, bodywork, glass and wheels of your car. In this video, find out which ones to use to.

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After using both the surface detailing clay kit and a clay cloth, I can definitely recommend ahtoglym the cloth.

Washing, polishing and waxing are all obviously encouraged, but autoglym car care guide should also have enough time free to attempt some paint correction and machine polishing.

A light coating of the super resin polish will improve the condition of any vehicles paintwork. E wash autoglym car care guide aqua wax weekly, then add clay and polishes monthly, then waxing every 6 months, for example? To read our cookie policy click here.

Wheel protector can be used on non mirrored diamond cut wheels however it is not suitable for mirrored finishes. Prior to vacuuming, remove any mats then brush and vacuum every surface thoroughly.

Car cleaning tips from Autoglym

uatoglym If Wheel Protector is accidentally over sprayed onto paintwork, simply wipe this away from the paintwork with a microfibre cloth before it dries. There is also the chance to win two Autoglym car care kits. Contact Us Need guidf or advice? Autoglym car care guide a private message to afrofish. After using Shampoo on your vehicle, Rinse autoglym car care guide all of the suds apply two squirts to each body panel.

Autoglym – A UK based Manufacturer of car care products. Rapid Detailer is a quick cleaner, Extra Gloss Protection is a liquid wax sealant that will provide many months of protection and shine.

I’d like to wash my car which had a High Definition Wax treatment. Light scratches, swirls, stains and scuffs vanish leaving your paintwork like new. Wheel Protector is not suitable for mirrored surfaces.


Make your car smell nice If you smoke or regularly eat in your car, there may be some lingering, less-than-desirable smells. Which products are best to clean and preserve a carbon fibre roof, and in autoglym car care guide order? Perhaps you could advise what’s best for repeating the various stages.

Super Resin Polish will restore paintwork discolouration caused by a magnetic sign. As you rinse off the shampoo the film stays behind causing the water to sheet off the surface, helping you to dry the car quicker. This does not adversely affect the product in any way and the Wax is still perfectly in specification. The 3 step routine helps to give you qutoglym best clean csre South Manchester UK Posts: Carnauba wax will leave your car with a deep, warm shine.

Opening Hours Mon – Thurs 8. Get some Cate Detailer if you want autoglym car care guide you can spray onto a dry car to remove marks or top-up the shine You may have already seen this, but check out the “Valeting Bay” section of Autoglyms own autoglym car care guide.

Then you can apply right up to the edge of the trim, but not get any polish on it. By doing all these, you make ongoing care simple and easy. Aqua Wax and Rapid Detailer can be used to restore and add further protection to a waxed finish. A clean, dry microfibre cloth is perfect for buffing away any excess Leather Care Autoglym car care guide. Working from the lower areas upwards, hose off using plenty of water to reveal the clean and sparkling finish.

There is no risk of damaging the lacquer during normal use and it can be used as often as required. Rapid Aqua Wax has been formulated to work best on a wet car.

And how often do Autoglyj need to apply? Please select the type of detailing process. What effect does the use of Rapid Autoglym car care guide have on the durability of Extra Gloss Protection treated autoglym car care guide To clean artificial leather use Interior Shampoo.


Polish The second step in bodywork care is to polish the car. From bumper to boot, wheels to roof, and throughout the interior, Autoglym will get your vehicle into tip-top condition. I have czr across the Autoglym care guide – http: Pressure Wash is not harmful to High Definition Wax and will not remove the wax layer on your vehicle in one application.

Autoglym Care Guide and Detailing Flow Chart – Detailing World

Bucket wash the bodywork, dry, then apply an even layer of polish, before dressing the exterior plastics and giving the glass area a clean inside and out. Email Us shop raygrahams. Autoglym car care guide use the screwdriver to get into all the trim lines and other tiny grooves to make sure autogglym collect all the dirt.

How many applications will I get from one can of Wheel Protector? Autoglym car care guide order is always to clean, then polish and then add protection using either sealant or wax. Rapid Detailer yet to purchase Thank you for any advice and any help.

South East Vehicle Valet | Car Valet Sussex, Auto Glym Lifeshine

What’s the best product for removing bug stains from my front bumper? It autoglym car care guide be used on light colours such as silver and light grey matte effects. Whilst Ultra Deep Shine shares many characteristics with Super Resin Polish, it has added components to combat swirls and holograms on darker paints.

Only one coat of Extra Gloss Protection is sufficient for a var lasting protective layer. Barry Ashley went to the Autoglym Academy to find out more. Super Resin Polish shouldn’t be thought of as an abrasive, it is a gentle cleaner autoglym car care guide polisher. When using EGPuse a small amount onto a cloth and wipe it over; literally just enough to put a very thin coat on the paintwork.