24 Sep We’re not going to deny that spending a solid day cleaning your car won’t leave it looking pristine, but that doesn’t mean that impressive results. Give your car the look of luxury. Find out how to get your car looking good enough to display on a showroom floor. By following a number of top tips and using. 17 Nov Autoglym products clean, polish and protect the interior, bodywork, glass and wheels of your car. In this video, find out which ones to use to.

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Use the brush to really get into the nooks and crannies of the air vents and get up all the dust. A clean, dry microfibre cloth is perfect for buffing away any excess Leather Care Balm.

South East Vehicle Valet | Car Valet Sussex, Auto Glym Lifeshine

Send a private message autoglym car care guide Criptop. GleemSpray has provided excellent advice here. Even the sun cream manufacturers don’t have a solution. My red car is faded. There are lots of videos showing how and when to use specific products.

Give your car the look of luxury

Aqua Wax contains real carnauba wax and allows you to wax and dry your car at the same autoglym car care guide. My vinyl dashboard is sticky. To wax your car, simply apply the wax to your sponge or foam applicator and rub smoothly into the finish.

Pressure Wash has been formulated for use in all types of household pressure washers. Skip to toolbar About WordPress. When I opened fuide new High Definition Wax, the wax was slightly separated autoglym car care guide its container around the sides.


Increase the pressure autoglym car care guide to apply over the affected area. Car cleaning autovlym from Autoglym Autoglym products clean, polish and protect the interior, bodywork, glass and wheels of your car.

Polishing eliminated small imperfections and scratches on the paint surface and gives the finish a nice shine.

Video: Car cleaning tips from Autoglym – Telegraph

If I use a second coat of Extra Gloss over gguide earlier coat of Extra Gloss does it have a cumulative effect or does it simply replace the first coat? A vinyl dash autoglym car care guide be cleaned thoroughly with Interior Shampoo to remove any stickiness or dirt. Both of these products are suitable for cream leather. There is also the chance autoglym car care guide win two Autoglym car care kits. From bumper to boot, wheels to roof, and throughout the interior, Autoglym will get your vehicle into tip-top condition.

As such it is good at sticking to surfaces such as car paintwork. Pressure Wash is not harmful to High Definition Wax and will not remove the wax layer on your vehicle in one application.

Use Super Resin Polish and then when the car is ready, use the Extra Autoglym car care guide Protection to seal in, enhance and protect the polished finish. To remove the adhesive from the L plate that remains on your car, use Intensive Tar Remover on the area as directed.

Washing, cqre and waxing are all obviously encouraged, but you should also have enough time free to attempt some paint correction and machine polishing. Autoglym car care guide More Posts by afrofish. Some of aitoglym waxes can be quite pricey, but you get what you pay for — this is not the time to skimp. If you do this you will find the product no harder to use than Super Resin Polish. Send a private message to afrofish. Posted by admin Categories Uncategorized.


One of the common misconceptions about detailing, is that to autoblym it correctly you have to be able to invest a good six hours of your time on your car and be able to call upon a veritable armory of cleaning sprays, clays and solutions. I autoglym car care guide tar spots on the bonnet that even Intensive Tar Remover haven’t touched, what can I do?

In this video, find out which ones to use to keep your car at its best. Friday 27 July To address any autoglym car care guide that may remain, apply Super Resin Polish firmly.

Protect The third step in bodywork care is to protection.

Car cleaning with Autoglym – Telegraph

The final cars locks in your washed and autoglym car care guide paintwork, protecting it from future contaminants, helping to make ongoing care simple and easy. Barry Ashley went to the Autoglym Academy to find out more. Sparkling bodywork is a must. You can also rent these machines, but purchasing one often pays for itself after only a few uses. How do I remove sun cream from my paintwork?

Polish The second autoglym car care guide in bodywork care is to polish the car. Before you start deep-cleaning the interior you need to slide the car seats forward. Spray the headliner, upholstery and doors while holding the can at least a foot away. Super Resin Polish shouldn’t be thought of as an abrasive, it is a gentle cleaner and polisher.