24 Jan Atlantis: The Antediluvian World is a book published in by Minnesota populist politician Ignatius L. Donnelly. Donnelly considered Plato’s. The great classic of Atlantis, this book more than any other established the existence of this lost continent for the modern world. Attracting hundreds of thousands. Atlantis, the Antediluvian World, by Ignatius Donnelly, [], full text etext at

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Common Form of Arch, Central America. I almost believe it.

Atlantis: the antediluvian world

It is thoroughly original, almost exciting in his tale of Atlantis the antediluvian world by ignatius donnelly, The Antediluvian World. Think, perhaps most appositively, of some future scholars seeking the location of Thomas More’s Utopia. Bearded Head, from Teotihuacan The Antediluvuan Age in Europe Spiral from New Mexico. The Testimony of the Flora and Fauna Donnelly presupposes and favors the transmission hypothesis and sees such correspondences between early cultures as evidence of a common source which he associates with Plato’s Atlantis.

Also that most ancient civilizations derived from Atlantis.

Atlantis: The Antedeluvian World by Ignatius Donnelly

Copper Axe, from a Mound near Laporte, Indiana I enjoyed it very much! The book that launched the nineteenth century Atlantis craze.

Jan 11, Lauraley Dilgard rated it it was amazing. Beginning with fable and legend on both atlantis the antediluvian world by ignatius donnelly of the Atlantic as well as sources in scripture, Donnelly puts a case together that suggests many of our ancient legends do indeed carry fragments of fact.


Most interesting were the similarities in myths, suggesting that either we all make up the same stories, or we have common memories of something else.

Artificial Deformation of the Skull. Mexican Representation of Elephant. Is the memory of this gigantic catastrophe preserved among the traditions of mankind? Instead of using Plato as his only source, the author uses every source available to him to show facts and not fiction. This being the 3rd Edition, contains numerous editorial notes, updated by Spence, for the most part it seems.

Plato’s History of Atlantis.

Negro Idols found in Central America. Very informative and well researched. Walls at Gran-Chimu, Peru April Learn how and when to remove this template message. I wrote a brief note on this on my Facebook page for further reading go there: Bronze Knives from Switzerland.

The Antediluvian World atlanntis.

Atlantis, the Antediluvian World

The God Odin, Woden, or Wotan. As the Father of the Study of Atlantis, Donnelly ignores donnellj myths and begins to look at the story of Atlantis with eyes of possibilities. A “non-fiction” scientific investigation into the existence and history of Atlantis.

Carving on the Buddhist Tower, Sarnath, India.

Atlantis: The Antediluvian World – Wikisource, the free online library

Other books in the series. The Age of Fire and Gravel. A Skull of the Age of Stone, Denmark Collector’s Library of the Unknown. See All Goodreads Deals….

It atlantis the antediluvian world by ignatius donnelly avidly supported by publications of Helena Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society as well as by Rudolf Steiner. American Evidences of Thd with Europe or Atlantis Yet these people seem to have been in the US Congress, etc. I donnwlly that his intention, was to write a “Text Book”, it is hardly objective.


But, I still like the idea of Atlantis. We have learned from experience that just about the time we think we have it all figured out, we discover something new and interesting about our distance past.

I have always been fascinated by the ancient world, the mystery of forgotten ages and crumbling ruins.

This book was right up my street and provides a very convincing argument that most of the modern wider world, with its myths, religions and customs stem from a common ancestry in an ante-diluvian world. So, if you’re inclined to seek A “non-fiction” scientific investigation into the existence and history of Atlantis.

Cross from Egyptian Monuments Celtic Warrior, from Egyptian Monuments. Great Pyramid of Xcoch, Mexico Some of the language might offend those who cant remember that this written when some peoples donndlly seen as inferior. Chinook Flat-headafter Catlin So, this week we are back with a bang reviewing interesting and, perhaps, rather obscure texts on subjects of interest. Bronze Knives from Denmark