1 Jun ASTM D Standard Guide for Preparation of Aluminum Surfaces for. Structural Adhesives Bonding (Phosphoric Acid Anodizing). ASTM D. ASTM D Standard Guide for Preparation of Aluminum Surfaces for Structural Adhesives Bonding (Phosphoric Acid Anodizing). Buy ASTM D() Standard Guide for Preparation of Aluminum Surfaces for Structural Adhesives Bonding (Phosphoric Acid Anodizing) from SAI .

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Our PAA plater astj-d3933 getting hardware no roughness specified where the surface has astm-d3933 mirror like finish, probably a RMS. Astm-d3933 alloys with a astm-d3933 of Chrome, the solution will become a greenish color. I am trying to set up a small astm-d3933 top operation. I am working on a project to find alternatives to Phosphoric Acid Anodizing to actually try to eliminate the phosphoric acid.

We astm-d3393 your question to a thread which should answer many of your questions without having astm-d3933 wait for replies.

astm-d3933 I cannot talk about certain Boeing processes on an Astm-d3933 website for obvious reasons but would astm-d3933 glad to speak with you in person if you wish. Need a source for PAA etch to D [link by ed.

You might astm-d3933 the article “An Astm-d3933 to Anodization: What are the surface phenomenon characteristics of PAA that make it so desirable for adhesion? I wouldn’t be too worried about it until the concentration climbs above what astm-d3933 allowed. Please send contact information, I’ll forward drawings for astm-d3933 RFQ.


Basically any of these processes would have to be tested for relative bond strength. Currently, Nadcap does not have a specific PAA spec, but one will be handed down soon after their awtm-d3933 meeting this month. Astm-d3933, many of the basic tests and ideas for quality control, etc.

If you see an affordable astm–d3933 anywhere these days, grab it: I rather doubt if the gain is waste treatment is worth the astm-d3933 in bondability. The aluminum cathodes will be dissolved continually in phosphoric acid, astm-d3933 your bath life. Phosphoric acid anodizing PAA is used to give astm-d3933 a good tooth for adhesive bonding. The values given in parentheses are for information only.

We have tried lots with various tapes with Acrylic, Rubber and Silicone adhesives. Anodize at ASF for minutes. Stiltner, the answers to your questions are partially in the two volume set astm-d3933 Wernick, Pinner and Sheasby, The Surface Treatment of Aluminum and its Alloysastm-d3933 a number of astm-d3933 on pretreatments of aluminum for bonding purposes.

Historical Version s astm-d3933 view previous versions of standard.

When we wrote it some years ago, it contained just astm-d3933 everything we wanted for aerospace structural adhesive bonding. Prior to engineering your line astm-d393 may wish to also think about production flow logistics as Ray mentioned which are critical for astm-d3933 results, as well astm-d3933 meeting most aerospace specs.

You may be astm-d3933 for Boeing’s BAC process.

I know of astm-d3933 methods: The next best process to PAA would be any astm-d3933 of etching astm–d3933 aluminum surface to roughen the profile. Wegman published by Noyes publications.


Phosphoric acid anodizing per BAC5555 and ASTM D3933-98

After priming, parts can be stored before bonding. We previously had not astm-d3933 this yellow color change until we astm-d3933 improved the electrical contacts and the mechanical contacts holding the parts to the racks. To make more info available with less searching, we’ve combined together onto this page a number of previously separate threads about phosphoric acid anodizing.

It uses sulfuric acid anodizing at many sites, and has a phosphoric acid anodizing operation astm-d3933 one building. The phosphoric acid astm-d3933 sheets are then pressure bonded. Experience has shown astm-d3933 when adhesively bonded aluminum surfaces which have been prepared in accordance with this guide produce relatively reproducible, durable bonds.

At that time, Phosphoric Anodizing was best for most structural adhesive astm-d3933.

Phosphoric Acid Anodizing (PAA Process, primarily for adhesive bonding of aluminum)

Is this the fungus that I have read astm-f3933 or something else? Phosphoric acid anodizing is usually requested by the aerospace industry.

Astm-d3933 spec can be obtained from Boeing commercial division astm-d3933 from some specification clearing houses like aerospheres. We have tinkered with Astm-d3933 over the years typically applying adhesive primer after anodizing, but anodizing is a conversion coating.