22 Mar ASTM CCM 14 Standard Test Method for Slump Flow of Self- Consolidating Concrete_建筑/土木_工程科技_专业资料。Designation. Testing. • Visual Stability Index (VSI). – Based on slump flow test – ASTM C • Column Segregation Test – ASTM C • Penetration Test – ASTM C In some cases, a water-reducing admixture (ASTM C Type A or .. Slump Flow Test – ASTM C /C M “Standard Test Method for Slump-.

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Recent innovations are presented herein to evaluate the rheological properties and static segregation resistance of SCC quantitatively.

Testing Fresh Concrete: Part 2

Admixtures used in self-consolidating concrete allow for highly flowable concrete that can work its way around reinforcement and requires no vibration or consolidation. The reasons could be attributed to various geometries of the sensors and rheometers, testing procedure and the inhomogeneity of the material itself.

The values stated in each system are astm c1611 This enhances the potential of the application of this viscometer to astn without changing the existing configuration.

Work Astm c1611 s – proposed revisions of astm c1611 standard.

Image analysis software is used to calculate and compare astm c1611 percentages of coarse aggregates in different levels astm c1611 the cut cylinder. An obvious shear-thinning phenomenon can be observed since the drag force is not linearly related to the ball velocity. The preliminary study on the feasibility of applying this viscometer astm c1611 SCC was conducted in two steps.

It was found that the viscosity of the measured liquid can be determined through equation 2, where Ke is the slope of the drag force-ball velocity curve that determined experimentally:. This means the segregation probe penetrates when the yield stress of suspension is less than 28 Pa and keeps still when yield stress exceeds 28 Pa.

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Thus, it is necessary to replace the viscosity in equation 4 by the apparent viscosity as shown in equation 5. Currently, the most commonly used methods to evaluate segregation resistance are the visual examination method, the column segregation test ASTM Cand the V-funnel method. Stauberg Greenwood, M, Fazio, F. The results of this part of the work can be closely related astm c1611 other research conducted at ACBM. The values stated in each system may not be exact equivalents; ther Concrete Answers Hub Site.

Therefore, this test method is considered applicable to self-consolidating concrete having coarse aggregate up to 25 mm [1 in. The slump-flow test should be performed on a level surface. Another method, called visual stability rating method, was developed for both the field astm c1611 laboratory testing. To be different from the existing methods for testing Astm c1611, it is required that these new methods can help to evaluate the properties of SCC not only qualitatively but quantitatively.

astm c1611

Testing Fresh Concrete: Part 2 – National Precast Concrete Association

Some of the other new testing methods that are under development at ACBM are discussed in the following sections. Testing using the volumetric method involves shaking and rolling a sample in order to displace air from astm c1611 concrete specimen where measured. The concrete astm c1611 allowed to rest for 2 min. A good astm c1611 method that can help to quantitatively determine the viscosity and the yield stress of SCC in the field is urgently needed.


Understanding how to astm c1611 an accurate, representative concrete sample is important for use in a compressive strength test. From a personal standpoint, the volumetric method provides a great workout. Concrete rheometers with various sensor geometries were designed and used in the past ten years.

These fresh properties are governed by the rheological properties of the material and some studied have been conducted in the lab to investigate the correlation among the measured parameters from above-mentioned methods e.

The viscosity calculation is based on the velocity of the moving ball and the equilibrium of forces. The segregation probe test is simple and rapid and thus is suitable for quality control and other applications such as robustness measurement.

For SCC, normally the yield astm c1611 of its paste matrix is smaller than this critical value, and astm c1611 yield stress for SCC composite is higher than this value.

Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard. The use of self-consolidating concrete SCC has grown tremendously since its inception in the s. Researchers astm c1611 the Center for Advanced Cement-Based Materials ACBM are targeting development of new test v1611 and methods for in-situ evaluation of SCC with an emphasis on viscosity, yield stress, and segregation resistance.

It is easy to clean the ball after each measurement, thus the easiness of the maintenance becomes another advantage of this equipment. Astm c1611 of Concrete Rheometers: