19 Jul ASTM Stflndllras; . ASTM de$iSnAtionnumber of thl~ Stt\ndatd. . B TABLE 5 NiCk.’ Pltll t:hromlumCoaUng'”on ~..’ or COlllpt. My print calls for plating brass: “polished chrome plate per ASTM B [link by ed . to spec at TechStreet] a condition 2 min. How thick will this plating be?. Buy ASTM B R SPECIFICATION FOR ELECTRODEPOSITED COATINGS OF COPPER PLUS NICKEL PLUS CHROMIUM AND NICKEL PLUS .

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Hard chrome plating deposits a thick layer of chromium metal onto steel components to for the benefit ofi improved surface hardness and wear resistance. A test may destroy the coating but in a noncritical area; or, although it may destroy the coating, a tested part may be reclaimed by stripping and recoating.

Note 1-The ISO standards and are not requirements but can be referenced for additional information.

Practices BBBBand B are examples of practices that may be used for the preparation of basis metals. This standard has been approved for use by agencies of the Department of Defense.

Required chrome plating thickness per ASTM B

We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. At a distance of 8 to 10 cm, 0. The cracks and pores shall be invisible to the unaided eye. High cathodic potentials can activate chromium locally, giving rise to spuriously high nodule counts.

Small cracks at the edges do not signify failure. Subscription pricing is determined by: Trivalent chromium deposits, as plated, may be microporous, microcracked, or both.

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We are ISO This specification establishes the requirements for several types and grades of electrodeposited copper plus nickel plus chromium and nickel plus chromium coatings on steel, copper, copper alloys, Type and series stainless steels, aluminum, aluminum alloys, and zinc alloys for application where both appearance and protection of the basis metal against corrosion are important.

The Finishing Company offers high quality decorative chrome covercoats over nickel electroplated surface.

[Standard] ASTM B456

Enter your account email address to request a password reset: B4456, acid dip, and electroplate with approximately 7. Click here to download full list of books.

Accordingly, the applicable practices for the preparation of various basis metals for electroplating shall be followed. Varieties of Chrome Plating There are two main types of chrome plating used in industrial applications today: Our expertise with chrome plating includes bright, satin and dull finishes.

The thickness of the individual nickel layers in double-layer and triple-layer coatings, as well as the electrochemical relationships between the individual layers, can also be measured by the STEP test,7 in accordance with Test Method B Please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible.

Bright Chrome Plating

Definitions and typical examples of these service conditions are provided in Appendix X1. The bottom layer of this coating system shall a ntain les. Method’ 8 T. Size px x x x x A mild scrubbing with a soft brush is helpful. Thank you for interesting in our services. The buyer and the seller may agree on the plan or 8. A superscript supers cript epsilon e indicates an editorial change since the last revision or reapproval.


This standard is also available to be included in Standards Subscriptions. The following editions for this book are also available Definitions and typical examples of these service conditions are provided in Appendix X1. It there are three layers, the intermediate layer shall contain not less manufacturer. See Appendix X5 for a guide to the determination of active: After CASS testing, rinse the part in warm water to remove the salt layer.

Remember me Forgot password? Accordingly, the applimtble praCticcsfor the preparatiDn of various basis meWs for electroplatingshall be followed.

Nonmagnetic Coatings on Magnetic Basis Metals. Standards Subsctiption may be aatm perfect solution. Any reliable method may be used. Cover and proceed as in X3. Transfer the proper weight of sample and cover. The results obtained in the test should, therefore, not be regarded as a direct guide to the corrosion resistance of the tested materials in all environments where these materials may be used.

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