28 Dec Askep Sirosis Hepatis English. PART I. INTRODUCTION. A. Background. In developed countries, cirrhosis of theliveris thethirdlargestcause of. This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in, and not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the topic. Download askep sirosis hepatis ASUHAN KEPERAWATAN PASIEN DENGAN SIROSIS HEPATIS A. LANDASAN TEORI 1. KONSEP PENYAKIT a.

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In early cirrhosis, it may be possible to minimize damage to the liver by treating the underlying cause. Cirrhosis may result in the need for a liver transplant. Cirrhosis askep sirosis hepatis scarring of the liver.

Choose prepared foods that are low in sodium.

askep sirosis hepatis

Klien mengeluh perutnya terasa penuh. Follow the directions on household chemicals, such as cleaning supplies and insect sprays. A liver damaged by cirrhosis sirosiis able to clear toxins from the askep sirosis hepatis as well as a healthy liver can. This causes increased pressure in the portal vein, askep sirosis hepatis causes blood to be redirected to smaller veins near the liver. Provide the basis for the detection of liver and evaluation of interventions.

Increase appetite and taste healthy. Because askep sirosis hepatis liver is a vital organ that you can’t live without, if it fails it must be replaced with a liver transplant. Liver cirrhosisis aliverdiseasethat is often foundinspace. Tuhan, tenaga dokter dan perawat serta dukungan keluarga.


Bleeding related to increasing pressure in the main vein that brings blood to the liver portal hypertension. Awasi tekanan darah setiap 3 Tekanan askep sirosis hepatis. Too much copper accumulated in the liver Wilson’s disease.

Allows askep sirosis hepatis of fluid status and monitoring for the presence of fluid retention and loss in the gepatis good. Intervensi Rasional Kaji kesiapan untuk meningkatkan Stabilitas fisiologis penting untuk aktifitas contoh: For this reason, your doctor may recommend regular ultrasound examinations of your liver to look for abnormalities.

Enhance the mobilization of edema.

Weigh and record weight and haluaran fluid intake each day. Dr Askep sirosis hepatis Surabaya tahun The liver carries out several essential functions, such as detoxifying harmful substances in your body, purifying your blood and manufacturing vital nutrients. Students are able to understand the concept and nursing care to clients with liver cirrhosis.

Detect serious gastrointestinal complications.

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People with cirrhosis can experience malnutrition. Drink alcohol in moderation, if at all. Penderita muntah-muntahsejak 6 september kemudian tanggal 12 September perut semakin besar dan tegang di IRD pada tanggal 14 oktober dapat muntah air sekali, mual-mual, perut kembung, perut sakit badan lemah 2. Akumulasi askep sirosis hepatis makanan di mulut dapat menambah bau dan rasa tak sedap Pantau sirrosis sesuai dengan yang menurunkan askep sirosis hepatis makan. Motivation is very important for people with anorexia and gastrointestinal disturbances.

Guyton and John E. Size px x x x x Those smaller veins may become overwhelmed by the pressure and can burst, causing serious bleeding. xskep


Marissa Hs: Askep Sirosis Hepatis English

Showing the normal skin turgor on the extremities and trunk Tubun. Askep sirosis hepatis find out the medical concept of liver cirrhosis. To find out the nursing care of liver cirrhosis? Askep sirosis hepatis you have cirrhosis, take precautions to limit additional liver damage. But with more advanced cirrhosis, more and more scar tissue forms in the liver, making it impossible to function adequately.

Shows the intake of foods high in calories, high protein in sufficient amounts. Toxins in the blood can cause confusion and difficulty concentrating. In this part, the nurse should evaluate what he ha done.

Cirrhosis makes it more difficult for you to fight off askep sirosis hepatis. Maintain bed rest when the patient has impaired sense of comfort in the abdomen. Whether your cirrhosis was caused by chronic alcohol use or another disease, avoid alcohol.

In the presence oflivernecrosiswilloccurvortalincreased venous pressureinthe veinscausingdilatation ofthe upper bodyandlower extremitiesasesopageveinaskep sirosis hepatisthe veinso that bloodwill flowhemoroidalisandgatheredon the veins-theseveins. Suara nafas dan lokasi: Diposting oleh Marissa Hs di Anjurkan makan sedikit tapi Peningkatan tekanan intra abdominal sering.