Arquitectura bioclimática Escrito por Beatriz Garzón. uploaded by. uploader avatar raulherrera · Arquitectura Bioclimática. uploaded by. uploader avatar. BIBLIOGRAFÍA. GARZÓN, BEATRIZ. ARQUITECTURA BIOCLIMATICA. ZARAGOZA: NOBUKO EDITORIAL, MENENDEZ, HELENA. 3 Apr Arquitectura y clima, Bioclimatic design handbook for architects and town Arquitectura Bioclimática, by Beatriz Garzón it’s about explaining.

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Those are backing spaces to the house, of low use, which thermally act as isolating between the house and the exterior. Some elements which complemented the house arquitectura bioclimatica beatriz garzon were for example rivers, the sun, trees or mountains.

From houses built into the rocks to patios able to give literally a breath of fresh air to homes. When technology started to offer solutions, natural resources were forgotten.

Heat capacity and thermal inertia: Vegetation has to be taken zrquitectura account, during the day, it sweats water, and this also refreshes the environment.


Climatic use of the floor: In-between spaces could be a garage, a greenhouse, a garret…. Bioclimatic architecture mixes building design, constructive details, architectural spaces and exterior elements. Insulation and thermal mass: This will determine the contact arquitectura bioclimatica beatriz garzon with the exterior, the quantity of solar light that it receives and its answer to the wind.

In-between spaces could be a arquitectura bioclimatica beatriz garzon, a greenhouse, a garret… Evaporative cooling system: Bioclimatic architecture elements and techniques Bioclimatic architecture mixes building design, constructive details, architectural spaces and exterior elements.

Means of heat transmission: Arquitectura bioclimatica beatriz garzon, diffuse and reflected radiation: Before all bioclimaica that, the need and lack of industrial resources and the wit were the perfect arqquitectura ground for the construction of a bioclimatic house. Buildings should accumulate and free heat slowly in order to avoid great temperature changes. Electromagnetic radiation intensity depends on the temperature of the material.

All of this, applied to a series of techniques and managing some certain elements. A certain structure arquitectura bioclimatica beatriz garzon said to have a high capacity when it accumulates much heat, and much thermal inertia when its temperature rises or get low slowly.


Main elements of Bioclimatic Architecture – DETEA

Some of the most important elements are: To avoid this, insulating material is an option. Before technology broke into our lives, people made use of the natural available resources to protect them from cold and heat. Water evaporation cools down the environment. The most convenient to the building is to accumulate solar heat during the day and get rid of arquitectura bioclimatica beatriz garzon during the night.

Bioclimatic architecture is committed to analyse the natural conditions of the environment atquitectura order to take advantage of resources and to reach thermal comfort. Some buildings could arquitectura bioclimatica beatriz garzon some heat during the winter if walls are conductive.

Flooring temperature changes must be considered too.