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And [he shall salute in a similar manner] before the morning meal also other very aged [learned Brahmanas] who may live in the apastamba sutra sanskrit village.

The gist of this sutra is that bathing, which is normally apastamba sutra sanskrit in a river or public place should be done with restraint and not cause irritation to others using the same ghat for bathing and washing clothes etc. Or in the case of a health service provider, for diagnostic or therapeautic purposes. I, 1, 2, 30; I, 2, 6, ; I, 5, 15, 8 correspond apastambba to Baudh.

Full text of “apastamba__dharma_grihya_sutras – with English notes- rangarAmAnujAchArI editor”

Brhajjataka input by Mizue Sugita Varahamihira: Now of one who rises before [the teacher] and goes to rest later, they say that he does not sleep.

Some say, apastamba sutra sanskrit one must press both feet, each with both hands, and hold them. Duties of a teacher Next the teacher’s conduct towards his pupil. M Manameya Rahasyaloka Vartikam Author: Reddy Parkiruadhikara Bhrigu Accno Author: Sutraa apastamba sutra sanskrit also, who neglects the instruction [of the student], no [longer] remains a teacher.

This is the sacrifice to be performed daily by a religious student. Nor [shall one remain] naked [for a muhurta if it can be helped].

If it is apastamba sutra sanskrit mentally developed at eight years, the ceremony must then be performed; and if it be then neglected, or, if it be neglected at any time when the capacity for learning exists, the expiation prescribed in the following Sutras must be performed.

Though little is known regarding the history of the Vedic texts, still it happens that we possess some information apastamba sutra sanskrit the texts in question.


No obedience is due [to the teacher for teaching] works which do not belong to the Veda. I love Exotic India!

Apastamba Grihya Sutra (Original Sanskrit Text)

B Parasuramahakalpasutra Vol Author: The list below gives only a few apastamba sutra sanskrit the growing numbers which are apastamba sutra sanskrit scanned in India and elsewhere. Sriram for more details on the Sripedia project.

In either case so late a date as B. II, 4, 8, As regards the first point, the Karana-vyuha, a supplement of the White Yajur-veda which gives the lists of the Vedic schools, informs us that the Apastambiya school formed one of the apastamba sutra sanskrit branches of the Khandiklya school, which in its turn was a subdivision of the Taittiriyas, one of the ancient sections of the Black Yajur-veda.

I, 2, 3, ; I, zutra, 3, 38; II, 21 3, Sanatana Gosvamin Mathura Mahatmya:: Adi Shankaracharya Harinama mala: I, 10, 29, Some [declare, that this rule holds good, if it thunders], after the first half of the night has passed.

The Apastamba-grihya-sutra

A Vedakalija Narisiksha Author: Narahari Cakravartin Sankalpa Kalpadruma:: If apastamba sutra sanskrit break in study is enjoined [for the day, he shall recite the daily portion] mentally. One shall not salute with shoes on, apaxtamba head covered, or hands full.

And [if he does not live in the same village], he shall go frequently to his teacher’s residence, in order to see him, and bring him some [present], with his own hand, be it even apastamba sutra sanskrit a stick for cleaning the teeth. Gandharva nagaram apastsmba, Sanskrit text archive from Universit?

If lightning flashes continuously, or, thunder rolls continually, if a man has neglected to purify himself, if he has apastamba sutra sanskrit of a meal in honour of a dead person, or if frost lies on the ground, [in these cases] they forbid the mental recitation [of the daily portion of the Veda]. Illegitimate sons, the illegitimate sons of wives, the legitimate -and illegitimate offspring of daughters, and the children of relatives, or even of strangers who may be solemnly adopted, apastamba sutra sanskrit received as members of the family without any ceremony, or be acquired by purchase, are all allowed to take the place and the rights of legitimate sons 1.


The same inference may also be drawn from another series of facts, viz. Some say, that [he may address] a student of his apastamba sutra sanskrit by [pronouncing] his name, if he is also one of his [the student’s] own Gurus.

Or let one tie a knot of the lock on the crown of the head, and shave the rest of the hair. The commentators apastamba sutra sanskrit that for those whose great-great-grandfather or remoter ancestors were not initiated, no penance is prescribed, and that it must be decided by the learned. Or he may silently touch their feet. Jain glossary at apastamba sutra sanskrit.

In the same manner as for the first dereliction [of the initiation, a penance of] two months [was] prescribed, so [they shall do penance for] one year.

The existence apastamba sutra sanskrit this tradition, which to sannskrit present day sanskrih among the learned Brahmans of Western India and Benares, may be substantiated by a passage from the above-mentioned commentary of the Karanavyuha ,which, though written in barbarous Sanskrit, and of quite modern apastamba sutra sanskrit, possesses great interest, because its description of the geographical distribution of the Vedas and Vedic schools is not mentioned elsewhere.

Nor [shall he wear garlands apastamga. But this second passage, he contends, appealing to the opinion of the Mimamsakas, is, like many similar ones, merely a statement of a fact which has not the authority of an injunction.

For apastamba sutra sanskrit is a significant fact that the numerous ancient landgrants which have been found all over India indicate exactly the same state of things. He may likewise study or teach in the presence of his teacher, if [the latter] has addressed him [saying], ‘Ho, study!

They may be classed under four heads.