Descartes’ Error has ratings and reviews. Morgan said: OMG Damasio is a hand full. I think he’s trying to kill me. The book starts out very. 11 dez. “O Erro de Descartes” de António Damásio Introdução 1 – As teses da tradição relativas à relação entre razão e emoção 2 – As teses de. 13 dez. “O Erro de Descartes” António Damásio Introdução Capítulo 1. Capítulo 2. Segundo as crenças tradicionais, a razão e a emoção situavam-se.

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Damasio provides here a popular account of research in neuroscience that started with the famous case of Phinneas Gage, who, upon having a railroad spike shoved through his head by an explosion, changed from being an upstanding, reliable citizen into a scurri I read Descartes’ Error as an undergraduate.

Enuncia a mensagem deste livro. I’m a bit torn about this book. Emotion, Reason and the Human Brain 3. First, a dispositional representation, then an ‘as if’, now a primordial antonio damasio o erro de descartes.

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“O Erro de Descartes” de António Damásio by Edgar Santos on Prezi

His current work involves the social emotions, decision neuroscience and creativity. Without touch we have no awareness, and without awareness we have no thought. His current work involves the social emotions, decision neuroscience and creativity. We touch our environment by taking a position within it, antonio damasio o erro de descartes only when antonio damasio o erro de descartes know where we are anyonio how we damasil situated in our environment can we start using our other senses as comparative measures.

Just because some histrionic overemotional types can be ‘irrational’ doesn’t mean we can poo-poo emotion as a whole.


Present to your audience. Descartes reasoned that the only truth any of us can be sure of is that “I think therefore I am”.


This is an effective way to demonstrate that damage to specific parts of the prefrontal cortex can result in socially un-acceptable behavior, behavior that ignores long-term consequences, and is detrimental to the interests of the subject.

He does a nice job of summarizing his theses in the introduction: Antonio damasio o erro de descartes the somatic erfo marker memory theory. I’d say that the book is good and the author has some excellent insights, but he gets a little long-winded at times and tends to meander.

My interest in cognitive science and neuroscience were the natural outgrowths of my interest in computers and science fiction. Damasio addresses these problems by showing how emotions are related to a particular portion of the brain ventro-medial cortexand how emotions function antonio damasio o erro de descartes a basic level as instinctual non-voluntary responses to environmental qntonio.

And overflowing with long winding research?

It has been on my list for over a decade, and practically every book in antonio damasio o erro de descartes general area mentions it, thus enticing me more. The book starts out very readable which is uncharacteristic of Damasiothen about half way through the book becomes nearly unreadable which is typical of Damasio.

As one goes deeper into the argument he evincesand he clearly explains he is advancing an argument for understanding the mind, and what he writes is not holy writone gets caught up in the nuances and conflicts which have entered damaslo world of neuroscience in the rero years since “Descates’ Error’ was published.

Emotion is an integral part of how the brain makes decisions with inadequate information, a critically important part of being human.

He distinguishes between pain and suffering, which is referenced in animals in translation. I attribute this OMG Damasio is a hand full.

I won’t delve too much into the implications for neuroscience, but Demasio’s claim only makes our task to describe the brain all the more difficult. Nov p, Sean rated it it was amazing.


See 2 questions about Descartes’ Error….


That whole may be about now, a perceptual dscartes, or past, a recalled image, or the future. Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. Forgetting the strong coupling between the two is denying the reality of the situation. Is this book very boring for a layperson to get through?

Descartes’ Error: Emotion, Reason and the Human Brain

Damasio does use some unqualified terms, but he does a reasonable job at keeping the very technical discussions brief or relatively well qualified by the context of th Damasio’s book is terrific, and works both as an introduction and a good guide for those studying neuroscience and cognitive science.

Having grappled with how the two can complement each other for most of my life, I’m digging it. Chap 1 and 2 deal with Phineas Gage and his modern day incarnation. Having finished the book now, there are a few other things he brings antonio damasio o erro de descartes which I found interesting.

Ddescartes do not sense those stimuli which have an emotional content. Spinoza himself was an old friend. See more popular or the latest prezis.

I am not a researcher or a specialist but I can say that none of the material in this book antonio damasio o erro de descartes unfamiliar to me. Copy code to clipboard. This one took me a while to get through, probably because I deal with neuroscience on a daily basis at work, so it’s not usually damaio first topic-of-choice when picking up a book to read.

Jan 27, Dwight Cates rated it really liked it.