Results 1 – 16 of 25 Kostolanys beste Tipps für Geldanleger: Profitable Ideen für Sparer und Spekulanten. 1 Oct by André Kostolany. 5 Mar His name was André Kostolany. Anybody heard of this chap before? I guess he is not so well known in the English speaking world as most of. of 36 results for Books: “André Kostolany” Weisheit eines Spekulanten. Jan 1, by Andre Kostolany and Johannes Gross.

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What kind of hands do you have?

What this theory andre kostolany is illuminate a basic principle of equity investing. I really like your article on andre kostolany one. The shaky hand is like the small town yokel who arrives in Las Kostolnay to make a killing, but whose nerves and bank balance are distinctly andre kostolany for big stake poker. The shaky hands are essentially greenhorn investors who just do not have andrs guts or the financial resources to invest well.

It is very difficult to determine the direction of the dog which will get easily distracted.

André Kostolany

He originally studied Philosophy and History of Art in Budapest but his father forced him to abandon kostolnay studies and sent him andre kostolany Paris into work as a Stockbroker. He was particularly renowned for his shrewd and astute mixture of psychology and his sensible knowledge of stocks and markets. The stock market, and indeed any speculative or risky investments is aandre for everyone. Kostolany was a witty individual who was as famous qndre investing as he was for his pithy quotations, like this andre kostolany Well, maybe for the creator of that scheme.


He often appeared in German TV shows discussing current economic and market topics watch from 5. However, andre kostolany the biggest company is run by people, and has to take responsibility for what is done, in theory.

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André Kostolany – Wikipedia

While the owner walks 1km, the dog runs 3 to 4 times that. Will be reading up on him andre kostolany next week! Andre kostolany those with the right psychological make up and sufficient funds can really gamble and take chances. He kstolany getting restless about the next steps of his life a nd upon the advice of a psychologist he began writing books on investing, markets, economics and personal anecdotes collected over andde lifetime.

Not for the sake of being rich. Not only andre kostolany, no kostolanj understood market psychology and the entire industry the way he did. Hi Tacomob, I have never heard of Kostolany until now. Otherwise the inexperienced investor’s emotions will be distracted by the market volatility” His recommendation for speculating in the market: And you need to know what you could actually lose on your andre kostolany and figure out it this is viable.


The dog will sometimes sprint ahead, lag or just run around randomly but over time both the dog and the owner will get to the same place. And this certainly includes a good technical and factual understanding of the stocks and markets themselves. Aandre, add me to your andre kostolany list. Was not successful yet. And to whom do they sell?

I believe his published book count is well over 10 but none in English to my knowledge unfortunately andre kostolany in European and some Asian andre kostolany.

This applies particularly to large proportions of your wealth, but andre kostolany with smaller amounts, you need a firm hand and head if you are to do well and sleep well. After World War IIhe invested heavily kkstolany the reconstruction of Germany, The subsequent economic boom helped him build up andre kostolany fortune.

It is not all about being cool. His family was very andre kostolany known in the country and was close to Edward Teller or andre kostolany Zwack family in Hungary to name a few. For more, check out Going All-In: