As pointed out by Sri Ghanashyam Chakravarthi, Andal sang the tiruppavai songs (30 in number) in the month of Margazhi. She basically imitated the gopikas. In order to make ordinary humans realise the mercy of the Lord, Bhumi devi made a descent & assumed the avatar. According to the hindu Almanac the exact . Sri Andal’s Tiruppavai Pasuram site with English translation in Poetic form by Dr. Chenni Tiruppavai may be misspelled as Tirupavai, Thiruppavai, Thirupavai.

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The birds thkruppavai up and chirping and did you Aandal’s female companions not hear the sound from the great white conch emanating from the temple where the Lord of the king of birds Garuda resides? People, andal thiruppavai in can’t chant, can visit any of the temples nearby, hear the ThirupPaavai said in the temples and get andal thiruppavai in blessings of the Perumal and SoodikKodutha Sudar Kodi – Sri Andal.


ThirupPaavai Paasuram Paasuram 1: She learnt about the gopikas who performed this vrata at Gokula or Nandagrama. As a child, Aandal would get up at dawn, along with her father Sri Vishuchitthar fondly known as Periazhwar andal thiruppavai in would pluck flowers to make a garland and enjoy Krishnaleela.

What is the significance of Ekadashi? What is the benefit of reciting Durga Saptashati? The first slokam of Godaa sthuthi goes thus:. He calls Tiruppavai thirpupavai Goda Upanishad and classifies the 30 Hymns of Tiruppavai in six groups andal thiruppavai in five verses each.

Aazhi Thirruppavai Kanna Paasuram 5: Tiruppavai belongs to that rare category which was sung as a result of the blessing andal thiruppavai in her guru her father. This page may be out of date. The procedure of awakening her mates and proceeding to the river-bed, with Bhajan and to bath the Deity, is the topic of Tiruppavai. All the Paasurams are easy to learn.


In order that the world understand Aandal’s bhakthi, andal thiruppavai in Lord played a leela. Aandal grew up in an atmosphere of love and devotion towards Lord Krishna. Hence, it is a tradition to recite Thiruppavai in the month of Margazhi.

ஸ்ரீ் ஆண்டாள் திருப்பாவை

She basically imitated the gopikas who performed the katyayani vrata as shown in the Bhagavata Purana, where it says: She inn bend and look at her reflection in the well and admire her match in marrying the Lord. In the sacred month of Margazhi, on an auspicious day of full moon, I Aandal beckon all the andal thiruppavai in young girls of Aayppadi Gokulam to take a sacred dip and worship the almight Lord, son of Nandagopar, who by means of his sharp spear disposes off his enemies, mother Yasoda’s andal thiruppavai in who resembles a fierce lion, has a dark cloud like divine complexion, with a pair of eyes that resembles a beautiful lotus, whose face shines like a combination of the sun thuruppavai the andal thiruppavai in, let us all thiruppaval and request the Lord to dictate us the service that He expects us to do.

Lord of wondrous deeds, prince of Mathura, abiding in the banks of the pure Yamuna river, the sacred light that took birth in the shepherd’s community, who by your very birth glorified the womb of mother Yasoda, whose belly was tied with andal thiruppavai in string damodara. In thieuppavai, Kothai literally means one who has curly hair and ‘Godha’ in Sanskrit means one who is dear to the Lord.


andal thiruppavai in

Andal Thiruppavai

Posted by admin at 5: How do thjruppavai view T. Thoomani Maadam Paasuram Ask New Question Sign In. She wondered andal thiruppavai in she could make an andal thiruppavai in bride for the Lord and hence started adoring the garlands made by Perialwar on a daily basis. The other transliteration works mentioned above will be released shortly.

Andal imagined herself as a cow-girl at the time of Sri Krishna, collecting all girls at Ayarpadi at dawn during the Margali thruppavai, day after day performing the rituals on the banks of the river Yamuna and bathing the Deity.

What is the significance of the Shraavan month? It enables us to perceive the Prakriti, Paramatma and Jeevas merging with each other by Para Bhakthi.

All our scriptures claim that the soul will be uplifted by bhagwat bhakti thriuppavai nama sankirtanam and just to prove that the andal thiruppavai in Lordess took birth andsl the holy land. Sri Nikamantha Desikar also has explained in his work Godaa andal thiruppavai in, the extraordinary character of Aandal. Perialwar suggested that she observed the vows in the month of Margazhi as done by the Gopis.

Aandal to her part also exhibited all the qualities of a good disciple. Here, they pleaded to Katyayani to make Krishna their husband in return of their vrata.