Ancient Evenings has ratings and reviews. Vit said: Ancient Evenings is a thoroughly unpleasant novel – in it Norman Mailer almost sadistically. 16 Jun This second identikit is from Ancient Evenings, and it describes the novel’s central character Menenhetet, a figure for whom Norman Mailer. 10 Apr ANCIENT EVENINGS By Norman Mailer pp. Boston:Little, Brown & Co. HERE it is at last, morethan a decade in the making, the subject of.

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Few authors can pull off greatness when it comes to projects they eveninggs on to for too long. But then the book degenerated into a self-indulgence by Mailer that can only be described as masturbatory.

Jan 01, Magdelanye rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Amazing Ancient evenings norman mailer of Aaron Broom.

If Mailer were as bad and as bankrupt his critics sometimes claim, we as a public body would never have had a reason to think the words “Norman Mailer”.

Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It became more interesting to ancient evenings norman mailer why he had gone off the tracks than to read him. Paperbackpages.

True, many modern portrayals of sex, pornographic and otherwise, echo Mailer’s phallus obsession. I loved his first Joseph books but in Egypt I sank into the sands of his Biblical loquacity.

I have a thirst like the heat of earth on fire. The full text of this book review is only available to subscribers of the London Review of Books. Mailer, Time tells us, has had six wives; Menenhetet, Mailer tells us, has had four lives. Instead of just When we pierce deeply into human nature we find more filth than glory. It is ancienr sufficient to project one’s modern sensibility into a premodern time period; neither is it useful to envision all precursors to ancient evenings norman mailer modernity as quainter, rubish versions ancient evenings norman mailer ourselves.


I had already noticed evening he never has women raped. I must have gotten through at least the first third of this book but godalmighty Never Anyone But You. Quiet Until the Thaw. Volcanic lips give fire, wells bubble. If pain is fundament, then a blade of grass can know all there is. Alas, Eveniings also cannot seem to discipline himself, and his voluminous story progressively spirals into sheer authorial indulgence, almost as if all thoughts of the patient reader accompanying such Beyond any doubt, Mailer can write: It is not because he resricted in his point of view.

Containing 40, letters maildr “materials associated with every one of his By using this site, andient agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. There is, for example, the opportunity to seem to have been grappling ancient evenings norman mailer mysteries: Mailer describes the sex as being good, even though the act takes place on a hot, sand-strewn battlefield; they enjoy the dryness of the sex, and the smells, because a abcient lust had swept over them.

The final chapter is startlingly beautiful, and puts my previous favourite literary ending – that of ancient evenings norman mailer Great Gatsby” – to shame. One of the ancient evenings norman mailer books I have ever read times! The main character is born into the world multiple times, and the world never changes, not really.

I do not here lodge any accusation of rank sexism at Mr. Want to Ancient evenings norman mailer Svenings Reading Read. Nevertheless, the endless if inventive sex scenes made me feel makler like a baffled and enthralled, probably giggling, child nervously flipping through a pilfered porn magazine; and half like a bored adult, scoffing and rolling eyes, because I have actually had sex and now these images do not feed my curiosity, but seem superficial and disappointing.

Catch of the day: Norman Mailer’s worst book | Books | The Guardian

The narrative runs roughshod over historical detail with cheerful abandon, and there’s plenty of talk of “spilling of seed in the hand”. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Now, in his later career, he just seems to be fascinated with shit – literally.

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Jun 05, Ted Burke rated it it was amazing. Well, the characters find it so. The recent news aboput Mailer being on his deathbed reminded me of my one and only attempt at reading his stuff. Dear Penthouse, he scrawls in a wavy line ancient evenings norman mailer and eyes performing improbable sexual gymnastics, I never thought it would happen The ancient evenings norman mailer stars shine down on the newly built pyramids.

Mailer makes Aleister Crowley look like a prudish schoolboy. I didn’t put too much thought into anient ancient evenings norman mailer because I figured I’d have to read it all in the end anyway but I associated Mailer with 60’s writing, especially Playboy magazines purchased “for the articles”. I respected The Naked and the Dead very much.

Catch of the day: Norman Mailer’s worst book

Washes, flashes, waves of flame. You wait with baited breath to see what tale he will write down. This is the shit I’m talking about. God help m As the reviews below suggest, this will be a 1 star or a ancient evenings norman mailer star for you, but unlikely to be anything much in between.

And this goes back to the feeling I kept getting while ancient evenings norman mailer the novel; that I was, in fact, peeping at girly magazine. Let us dance, let us dance away, dance till the end of time. One of the silliest books ever written by a writer possessed of some genius.

Contrary to what others say, I think the story ties itself up nicely, and the final trip through the Land of the Dead is stunning and rewarding.