Ameloblastoma is a rare, benign or cancerous tumor of odontogenic epithelium much more commonly appearing in the lower. Histopathology of ameloblastoma of the jaws; some critical observations based on a 40 years single institution experience. Doenja Hertog 1. Cases Series. Rui Henriques Martins Josias de Andrade Sobrinho Abrão Rapoport Marilene Paladino Rosa. Histopathologic features and management of .

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Ameloblastoma – Libre Pathology

Accessed December 31st, Case of the Week Ameloblastoma of the jaws. The six different histopathological variants of ameloblastoma are desmoplastic, granular cell, basal cell, plexiform, follicular, and acanthomatous. As the tumor enlarges, it forms a hard swelling and later may cause thinning of the cortical bone resulting in an egg shell crackling which can be elicited. Indian J Dent Res. Quintessence Publishing Co, Ltd; They usually occur in middle age group i.

Figure 5C and D: Follicular pattern low power. Discussion The excluded patients. Ameloblastoma grow slowly and usually are asymptomatic until a swelling is noticed. Thus, wide surgical margins that are clear of disease are required for a good prognosis.


Ultrastructurally, it is seen that the granules consist of pleomorphic, osmiophilic, lysosome like organelles. Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor Keratocystic odontogenic tumour.

Ameloblastoma – Wikipedia

Muller H, Slootweg PJ. Maxillary ameloblastoma and extraosseous ameloblastoma occur in a slightly older age group while unicystic ameloblastoma Avg No inflammation in the stroma. There are six histopathologic subtypes which have been identified for ameloblastoma i.

Views Read Edit View history. Not declared Last received: Shanghai Kou Qiang Yi Xue. Histopathologu the luminal and intraluminal variants of unicystic ameloblastoma, the tumor is usually confined by the fibrous connective tissue wall of the cyst and isusually treated with complete enucleation. Biologic behaviour of ameloblastoma.

This shell of bone cracks when palpated and this phenomenon is referred to as “Egg Shell Cracking” or crepitusan important diagnostic feature. Occasionally, small tumors may be hisyopathology on routine radiography.

Click here for information on linking to our website or using our content or images. Age-standardized incidence hhistopathology of ameloblastoma and dentigerous cyst on the Witwatersrand, South Africa.


According to Vasan, 5 the follicular type consists of discrete epithelial lines in a conjunctive tissue stroma and the plexiform consists of a continuous line of anastomosis.


There are layers of cells in between the proliferating epithelium with a well-formed desmosomal junctions, simulating spindle cell layers. Histopathologgy acanthomatous variant is extremely rare. Ameloblatoma cytologically usually presents with basaloid cells arranged in cells and clusters. Comparing our results with the literature demonstrated to us that this tumor may be considered to be a worldwide problem due to the similarity in clinical findings among different histopathologg groups.

Retrieved from ” https: Palisading basal cells and stellate reticulum.

Methylation frequencies of cell-cycle associated genes in epithelial odontogenic tumours. Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg.

Any saucerisation of the underlying bone is due to pressure rather than invasion. Here there is occurrence of intramural proliferation ameloblastoam ameloblastoma along with subgroup 1. Ameloblastoma in young persons: The intramural ameloblastoma tissue may be seen as an infiltration from the cyst lining or as free islands of follicular ameloblastoma.