To get only the cpu info from the topas command terminal. pre AIX The topas tool is a full-screen tool and its output is not well suited for. TOPAS – NMON: TOPAS Reports selected local and remote system statistics. The topas command requires the and file sets to be. An interactive paper that provides help on understanding the fields from the AIX topas command and what commands can be used to dig deeper into a.

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How to check job on last days?. The maximum number of processes displayed is the number of ax processes being monitored as specified with the -procs flag. View Public Profile for rpm This key is valid only when topas is in the full-screen WLM display by using the W key or the -wlms flag. I need raw data in some readable form.

File System The name of the file system.

The number of processors that are in shared partitions. Cross-Partition View and Recording This panel displays metrics similar to the lparstat command for all the AIX partitions it can identify as belonging to the same hardware platform.

Size,MB The sum of all paging spaces on the system, in megabytes. When the W key is pressed again, it toggles back to the default main display. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Specifies with the hotprocess parameter the number of hot processes to be monitored.

Vtargets The name of the virtual target device that belongs to the server adapter. Switches the tape display section between on and off in the main topas display.


topas | ABC Of AIX

The default output, as shown below, consists of two fixed parts and a variable section. Take a look at the topas output from a disk perspective. Interf The name of the network interface.

Enable remote command support on the HMC for user hscroot to allow ssh connections to be opened from the partition.

Unless you decide to write your own scripting tools using iostat, it will not help you with long-term trending and capturing data. PgspIn The number of 4 K pages read from paging space per second over the monitoring interval. Check the documentation for more details. Remote enablement for this panel to collect from other partitions requires to use the latest updates to the perfagent. Tagged with AIXAIX Basicsdisk monitoringentstatfingergnomeifconfigiostatlastmpstatnetstatoffline monitoringonline monitoringperformance monitoringprocess monitoringPSrebootshutdownsvmonsystem configure displaytoptopasupuptimevmstatwho.

Press the f key while moving the cursor over a WLM class to display the list of top processes in the class at the bottom of the WLM screen. If more than one processor exists, a list of processors is displayed by pressing the c key twice.

Provide a reason for quarantining this blog entry optional: Default shared processor pool contains the physical processors that are available on the managed system. For example, you can run the following command: Item Description Host The host name. The average number of requests waiting to be sent to the adapter. Faults The total number of page faults taken per second over the monitoring interval. The following is an example of the display generated by topas —W – command:.

Truncates the user name to 8 characters. Mem The total memory measured in gigabytes. This panel displays the statistics of all of the memory pools in the system.

Disk I/O overview and long-term monitoring tools (sar, nmon, and topas)

Paging Space Used The size of the paging space allocated to this process. Where sar is different than iostat is that it has the ability to capture data for long-term analysis and trending through its system activity data collector sadc utility.


This is also the maximum number of disks displayed when enough room is available on the screen.

When this number exceeds the number of disks installed, only the installed disks will be monitored and displayed. This metric is applicable only for dedicated partitions. Find all posts by bakunin. The following metrics are displayed in the lower section of this panel: The topas -D command reports the disk details. This functionality is currently available only for HMC version 5 and above, and should only be enabled after careful consideration of any security topqs.

If this argument is omitted, a default of 20 is assumed. Shows the WPAR -specific metrics. If the topas command is invoked without flags, it runs as if tolas with the following command line:. The space bar key on the keyboard acts as a toggle for freezing the topas panel. The following fields are displayed for each process: Xix will allow you to identify the offending process that is consuming CPU on a system. The total number of physical processors that are busy for all shared partitions.

topas Command

Additional Adapter Panel Subcommands When the topas Adapter panel is active, it accepts the following additional 1-character subcommand. Additional Cluster Utilization Panel Subcommands When the topas Cluster Utilization panel is active, it accepts the following additional 1-character subcommands. Toppas is a rather comprehensive tool in terms of data that it provides for disk statistics.

ART The average time to receive a response for the read request sent. If this number exceeds the number of processors available, only the installed processors will be monitored and displayed.