IBM AIX 5L Reference for HP-UX System Administrators. Installation disks. The AIX 5L Differences Guide Version , SG, and AIX 5L. Differences Guide . An interactive, menu-driven user interface. User assistance. Records 1 – This edition applies to AIX 5L for POWER Version , program number E61 and is an IBM ^Certified Specialist in pSeries AIX System Administration and . identify student’s readiness and assist in areas of selected. Student Notebook. ERC IBM certified course . Unit 1. Introduction to IBM System p Servers and AIX system administration Role of the system administrator. All partitions running AIX 5L V and Linux are static partitions which.

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Do not specify an existing file.

Comparable commands and configuration files. The daemons can be started by using one of the following methods: The cfgmgr command configures the devices and optionally installs device software into the system. Adminiistration system installation 81 v.


Applied state When a service update is installed or applied, it enters the applied state and becomes the currently active version of the software. The zix flag is not valid when used with the -F flag. Do not run the fsck command on a mounted file system. After you edit the client.

Filtering options allow comparisons against an installed software inventory, a fix repository, or a maintenance level to ensure that only the required fixes are downloaded. As with Solaris on some scalable processor architecture SPARC platforms, you have the choice of using a graphical console to perform the installation.


– Tuning guidelines for SAS® on AIX

Server IP Address [ ] 3. This means that after the installation is complete, you must manually configure your system using the configuration assistant application, or smitty, or the command line.

Availability Where server down time means loss of profits, NIM provides you with a backup image of all your servers. Select a region type to use for languages Select a time zone Select the initial or upgrade installation type Prompt for a hard disk to use for root partition Prompt for an automatic or manual disk layout for the file systems Prompt for the software bundle or packages to install Table compares some of the useful commands used in Solaris installation with those used in AIX 5L.

AIX Host Utilities adminisgration. The boot list is set to hdisk2 hdisk3. A swap can be defined in dedicated disk slices, which is the preferred way, or as nogebook within file systems, which is usually performed for emergency and temporary purposes.

Example shows the command for listing all the VGs. Follow the steps 1, 2, and 3 described in the section 5. This way, the values stored on the NIM master are used. The NIM master must be able to execute remote commands on the client, using the rshd protocol.


NO Following is the command for increasing an LV size: Are there requirements for a high-performance, low-latency interconnection network? A Guide for System Administrators ii.

The SPOT is created, controlled, and maintained from the master, even though it can be located on another system. In the Define a Machine screen Figureprovide the necessary information by typing them into the entry fields or by using the F4 key to open a selection menu.

Refer to Chapter 8. Operating system installation 87 e. This information could include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. VGSA is used for monitoring and maintained data copies synchronization. System p Partitioning with the Integrated Virtualization Manager System p Partitioning with the Integrated Virtualization Manager Note Before using this information and the product it supports, read the. Table provides an overview of all the function keys.

The client must be a registered NIM client to the master. POWER6 will add more fast path enhancements. Having an online backup available in case of a disaster Keeping an online backup requires that an extra disk or disks be available on the system.

This completes your alternate mksysb installation. The files keyword will be applicable to the logfiles which are currently under rotation.