Aeschines: Against Timarchus [ BCE]. Aeschine’s speech Against Timarchus of BCE is one of the most valuable sources we have about Athenian. Access. Via Perseus Philologic. Aeschines. Against Timarchus. Perseus under Philologic. University of Chicago. 7 October (). In Against Timarchus, Aeschines introduces the argument of sections. 72 to 93 with an unusual exclamation. He claims that his oppo- nents will ask why he is not.

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To prove that I speak the truth please call Philemon, who paid over the money, and Leuconides, the brother-in-law of Philotades, and read the copy of the agreement by which he effected the sale ot the case. They were punished with death, though their crime was far less, by Zeus and Apollo, than that of this defendant; those poor wretches met such a fate because they were unable to defend themselves against old age and poverty together, the greatest of human misfortunes; the defendant should suffer it because he is unwilling to restrain timarcuhs own lewdness.

For reasons that are wholly un- known to us the trial of the case was delayed for six years. Not that there is anything wrong with this. Although he speaks in many places of Patroclus and Achilles, he hides their love and avoids giving a name yimarchus their friendship, thinking that the exceeding greatness of their affection is manifest to such of his hearers as are educated men. His training for the stage and his experience there gave him a refined literary taste, and a wide and excellent vocabulary, together with thorough discipline in elocution and gesture.

And, finally, he does not hesitate to express the opinion that a man is like those whose ” company he loves to keep. He discovered a household that was rich and ill- managed, the head of which was a woman, proud and of poor judgment. We cannot trace the steps by which Aeschines made his way to political aagainst. His father, Atrometus, had already lost his property in the Peloponnesian war, had been exiled with the rest of the democrats by the Thirty Tyrants, and had shared in the glorious enterprise of the democratic “return.

More will I say to thee, pray heed it well: It is because you enact the laws with no other object than justice, not moved by unrighteous gain, or by either partiality or animosity, looking solely to what is just and for the common agaunst.

Against Timarchus this document. No person who is older than the boys shall be permitted to enter the room while they are there, unless he be a son of the teacher, a brother, or a daughter’s husband. It happened that he had at that time sailed to timrachus Hellespont as treasurer to the general Timomachus, of the deme Acharnae ; and he re- turned, having made the most, it is said, of the simple-mindedness of the general, for he had in his possession no less than eighty minas of silver.


The occasion was the procession at the City Dionysia. A gymnasiarch who does permit this and fails to keep such a person out of the gymnasium, shall be liable to the penalties prescribed for the seduction of free-born youth.

But againat drove him off the platform, replying, ” We know, Pyrrandrus, that we ought not to laugh in their presence, but so strong is the truth that it prevails — over all the calculations of men.

And how does he command the presiding officers to proceed? Philip will be largely in evidence, and the name of Philip’s son Alexander is going to be mixed up in it.

Aeschines – Against Timarchus – Study Guide, Ancient Sexuality and Gender

Demosthenes nevertheless persisted in the pros- ecution, rimarchus in ttimarchus case against Aeschines came to trial. And furthermore he says that those who defile themselves exact pay for it. Aeschines has the art of putting himself readily upon the most familiar terms with his audience ; he likes to talk the matter over with them rather than to declaim to them; his only fault here is a tendency to assume some- thing of the didactic tone of the schoolmaster.

For after this man Timarchus had left Anticles and Misgolas, he did not repent or reform his way of life, but spent his days in the gambling-place, where the gaming-table is set, and cock-fighting and dice-throwing are the regular occupations.

At the same time he teaches the younger men to respect their elders, to yield precedence to them in every act, and to honor that old age to which we shall all come if our lives are spared. The lawgiver does not forget, I think, that the older men are at their best in the matter of judgment, but that courage is now beginning to fail them as a result of againdt experience of the vicissitudes of life.

Demosthenes, Against AndrotionAgaimst. At last they persuaded him to get up from the altar, believing that he was going to receive some measure of justice. Why do you suppose it is, fellow citizens, that the existing laws are good, but that rimarchus decrees of the city are inferior to them, and that the verdicts rendered in the courts are sometimes open to censure?

For you shall hear first a review of the laws that have been laid down to govern the orderly conduct of your children, then the laws timqrchus the lads, and next those concerning the other ages in succession, including not only private citizens, but the public men as well.

The Internet Classics Archive | Against Timarchus by Aeschines

The law against panders. Classical, Early, and Medieval Plays and Playwrights: He had plenty of money, and seeing Timarchks spending his time thus he took him and kept him in his own house.

An XML version of this text is available for download, with the additional restriction that you offer Perseus any modifications you make. Or who that has happened to encounter their revels and tijarchus has not been indignant in behalf of the city? Diopeithes undertook the case, but put it off again and again in order to favour these parties.


As the juror came forward with the two disks, one in each tinarchus, the ends of the stem pressed between thumb and forefinger, even the nearest bystander wgainst not see which disk he cast to be counted, and which he discarded. He will cite first those benefactors of yours, Harmodius and Aristogeiton, describing their fidelity to one another, and telling how in their case this relationship proved the salvation of the state. He is said to have gone to Ephesus, thence to Rhodes, where he became a teacher of rhetoric, and finally to have removed to Samos, where he died at the age of seventy- five.

Then Arizelus, the father of the defendant Timar- chus, died also. He held a magistracy in Andros, which he bought for thirty minas, borrowing the money at nine obols on the mina, and thus he made your allies a ready source of supply timatchus his own lusts.

For all who are ambitious for honor from their fellows believe that it is from good report that fame will come to them. Thereupon Pyrrandrus came forward to censure you, and he asked the people if they were not ashamed of themselves for laughing in the presence of the Senate of the Areopagus.

When he enjoys costly suppers with- out paying for them, and keeps the most expensive flute-girls and harlots? Failing to persuade him, he appealed to fimarchus man himself.

Agalnst sold one piece of property after another, not for what it was worth–he couldn’t wait for a higher offer aainst even for the bare value, but let it go for what it would fetch on the instant, so urgently did he hasten to gratify his lusts.

For know, Swift after Hector’s death fate brings thine own. Now if one of you should ask me, ” How do you know that we would vote against him?

Sex, Politics, and Disgust in Aeschines’ Against Timarchus

After due summons that body shall pass judgment; the vote shall be secret, and if he be condemned, the presiding officers shall certify the result to the collectors. For I suppose you are of the opinion that when one knows a thing perfectly of his own knowledge, he does not need argument or testimony in addition. And they came to a settlement. For in the case of facts which are not generally known, the accuser is bound, I suppose, to make his proofs explicit ; but where the facts are notorious, I think it is no very difficult matter to conduct the prosecution, for one has only to appeal to the recollection of his hearers.