In this answer, purity of ghee is tested by comparing home made ghee with store bought ghee. Store bought ghee is adulterated with three main ingredients. Learn about adulteration of ghee, types of adulterants, detection of adulterants in ghee. Buy unadulterated Pure Desi Ghee at VedicGiftShop. Detection of adulteration of ghee (clarified milk fat) with palm olein and sheep body fat using Reichert-Meissl (RM) value coupled with solvent.

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There are other tests that need to be conducted in a laboratory environment.

If crimson colour appears, add 10 ml of water shake adulteratlon allow to stand for another 10 min. Evaluation must be efficient in evaluating the quality of ghee on the basis of physical characteristic.

Unlike other oils, ghee is rich in butyric acid. Detection of refined animal and vegetable fats in adulteratioon of pure milkfat. Take ml of melted ghee in a test tube. But before we discuss the tests that can be conducted at home, let us look at the other benefits of using ghee. Butyric acid in the gut supports the production of T-cells which are the cells that fight infections and bacteria.

Melt a adjlteration quantity of ghee in a vessel.

Indian J Dairy Sci. Ghee or clarified butter has been an integral part of Indian diet from time immemorial. Today, the ideal diet is considered to be a combination of ghee and other oils so that the body can have the benefits of both. Application of paper chromatography to differentiate ghee adulteratoin other fats: Add 5ml of 0.


Appearance of crimson colour indicates the adulteration of ghee with sesamum oil. An on-line differential converter, for obtaining the first derivative of absorption spectra. Sent your message successfully! The value of the ratio of the absorbance of peaks at about nm and nm steadily decreases with the increasing proportion of tallow.

Detection of tallow adulteration in cow ghee by derivative spectrophotometry

In recent years, however, research seems to indicate that ghee is better than many of the seed and vegetable oils that were used in its stead.

Adulterxtion, with time, ghee lost its primacy in the Indian kitchen and was replaced by various other kinds of oils in everyday cooking. Mix thoroughly and allow to stand for 10 min.

Now you have pure ghee ready. Test for adulteration with vegetable oil or margarine Items required: The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Since addition of sesamum oil to vanaspati has been made compulsory.

Detection of tallow adulteration in cow ghee by derivative spectrophotometry

Gheee course, it is important to ensure the purity of the ghee that you consume. Please review our privacy policy. Woodhead Publishing Limited; According to Ayurveda, ghee promotes intellect, is good for bone health and digestion of food. J Am Oil Chem Soc. Place inside fridge until the sample is hard. Remember, ghee is expensive, especially when compared to vegetable oils and other animal fats. Muthanna MC, Mukherji B.

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Detection of Adulteration in Ghee

To make ghee at home, we need to get the milk from a reliable source so that the milk itself is not adulterated. The absorbance of the Peak 1 remains almost same in all the samples while in Peak 2, the absorbance is the highest in ghee and steadily decreases with the increasing concentration of tallow in ghee and is the lowest in tallow. Correlation of tallow concentration in ghee with the ratio of absorbance.

Melt a small quantity of the ghee and pour into the glass jar. J Nat Sci Biol Med. Detection of tallow adulteration in ghee has always challenged the scientific community and there are hardly any techniques, which could be reliable as well as feasible to be performed easily.

The developed derivative spectrophotometric method is a rapid, sensitive, cost-effective method for detection of tallow adulteration in cow ghee and has potential as a method for quantitative estimation of tallow in cow ghee. Controller of Publications, Government of India;