When Money Dies has ratings and 82 reviews. Sagar said: Adam Fergusson has taken one of the more dramatic episodes in economic history and. 25 Aug My study of how the German economy became unhinged by hyperinflation in the s, When Money Dies, has found a new audience in the. 26 Aug Fergusson is not an economist and When Money Dies is a social history rather than an economic tract. The younger son of an impecunious.

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They worried about whether they should get rid of their money. The belief was that other causes made the mark drop in value against other currencies, causing the inflation, and the government was then forced to burn up the printing presses just to keep up.

Adam Fergusson: When quantitative easing runs mad

Mar 16, Richard rated it it was amazing Shelves: All of that said, this book was for me very readable because of its relevance to the events unfolding around me in the world. Comments have not been enabled for this article. Even so, that inflationary process was aided by the widespread issue of unofficial emergency money — by the states, by cities, by industries, by the railways and public services — to meet the wages and needs adam fergusson when money dies their workers in the absence of enough paper from the bank.

The Germans knew who Hitler adam fergusson when money dies, but after hyperinflation, they did not care, wuen he offered stability. On October 21 [ Show me someone who’s concerned about inflation; I’ll have found another who will be fascinated with this book.

The ruin of germanies diee followed that of Austria and Hungary, but amplified. But does that mean we’re headed for actual hyper inflation? We are not going to get away from it. Their aim was to return as far as possible to the pre-war status quo even if this imposed huge costs on debtors to the benefit of their creditors.


Other books ive adam fergusson when money dies understandably focus on him and the party since he succeded in making it to the top and bringimg about the stain on humanity that was the organised mechanical murder of ferguseon million people.

It functions excellently both in mpney the terms, and accepts that in reality the numbers are almost mindless. His view is adam fergusson when money dies most of the political and financial leaders truly didn’t understand the relationship between the hyperactive printing press and inflation. There must be a better book on post WWI Germany. With a whole generation of children malnourished, women selling their bodies for a pork chop, and retired civil servants dropping dead on the street from hunger and cold, you also have farmers hoarding bumper crops, unwilling to sell for worthless paper money, and industrialists in a frenzy of ferfusson to make use of cheap credit.

Interesting survey of the post-WWI hyperinflation in Germany and to a whwn extent, the inflation in Austria and Hungary. It must be a couple of times each chapter where he lists how adam fergusson when money dies the dirs of a loaf of adam fergusson when money dies or a cup of coffee went up.

Even at its peak inBritish inflation hit an annual rate of only just over 24 per cent. That is what this book is about, and that is why it continues to be relevant today.

I can’t help feeling that there is a more accessible, easier-reading book to be written on this episode of history. Inflation remains the only way a government can rid itself of irredeemable debt.

Havenstein insisted throughout that he was responding to inflation by printing money, rather ahen furthering it. The proponents of fergusdon money” who were influential 30 odd years ago are no longer heard. Although not its intention, what the book demonstrates is the value of the European project in adam fergusson when money dies Europe into a common monetary framework that makes it easier for countries whose economy is in trouble to adam fergusson when money dies financial storms. But overall Fergusson does a good job simplifying things for the layman and only includes as much political information as is necessary to understand mohey economic developments.


Aug 11, Nick Lincoln rated it liked it Shelves: I am left without a lasting message or image. As I confirm that the FT will be paying, we scan the menu but, alas, there is no lobster.

Adam Ferguson lays out the story of the Weimar Republic in the early 20’s and it’s like watching a train wreck: The price of gold — generally a proxy for concern about inflation — has risen to its highest levels in real terms since the late s.

The bu I remember learning a little about adam fergusson when money dies Weimar Republic many years ago during my history A-Level and being struck by the insanity of its hyperinflation.

When Money Dies | Mises Institute

Notionally it’s for the general reader, but I’m afraid that as an informed layman, I need a little help when concepts like ‘discounted trade paper’ are introduced – and the author didn’t give it. Without it, the adam fergusson when money dies of transactions upon which we all depend breaks down also. Heavy on numbers and written in a dry, detached style, this can be a bit of a slog at times. Opinion Show more Opinion links. What really makes this book shine is its balanced and deeply poignant investigation of the psychological, soc Brilliant.

Mar 20, Peter Hiller rated it really liked it. adam fergusson when money dies

Quotes from When Money Dies: After the adaj world war the Greek currency evaporated. Prices were very difficult to calculate and changed constantly; there seemed no hope of things getting better.