Abridged ACRA Scale of Learning Strategies for University Students. – – Electronic Escalas de Estrategias de Aprendizaje [ACRA. Learning Strategy. Pereira S, Ramirez J. Uso de estrategias metacognitivas de estudiantes en inglés en De la Fuente J, Justicia F. Escala de estrategias de aprendizaje ACRA. Evaluación de estrategias de aprendizaje mediante la escala ACRA abreviada para estudiantes universitarios. Palabras clave: Estrategias de.

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The intelligence of emotional intelligence. The most apparent results obtained with both statistical methods are concordant; however, CNCA represents an alternative method to hierarchical multiple regression, and presents results graphically in the form of an ordering diagram that is easy to interpret.

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For participants aged 18—19 and 22—23 years, we observed that the dimension of learning support strategies pointed to the upper end of the vector for the three dimensions of the IEP. Try to redo questions that you got wrong in a test. The first two axes explain the escals variability, both for male and female participants. Several studies have suggested that academic performance is better if the students have emotional skills and are more actively involved in their own education Schutte et al.

The following are some examples of the questions of the scale: The always response scores 4 points, sometimes 3, rarely 2, and never 1 point.

The Simpson paradox can lead to error in the interpretation of the results, produce a change in the relationship between the variables, and even change the direction of the relationship between the variables when the sample is divided into sub-samples Malinas and Bigelow, Arca and self-regulated learning components of classroom academic performance.

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This type of distinction is not made for the metacognitive and resource management strategies. Learning and Instruction, 21 3 The items aimed to evaluate what makes the university student study and learn.

A number of studies with Iranian university students from different fields of study have found that students both male and female that are emotionally intelligent use more LS Hasanzadeh and Shahmohamadi, ; Zafari and Biria, ; Soodmand et al. Write in your own words what you understood from the text.

Recent studies have re-examined the factorial structure of this scale, indicating the need for the inclusion of two new scales: We propose the following hypotheses: However, it is sometimes the case that the distribution is not homogeneous and we can find a modal category or even the Simpson paradox Simpson, It was applied in a sample of 1, university students.

The points that represent the different LS, and which projections over the vector dimension-PEI are closer to the end of the arrow are taken to indicate that they have higher percentages with respect to that dimension. Handbook of self-regulation of learning and performance. Se continuar a navegar, consideramos que aceita o seu uso. Foi aplicada a uma amostra de estudantes do Ensino Superior. In this regard, Mayer and Salovey published the first article related to the issue of emotional intelligence EI.

Undoubtedly, this inconsistency in results reinforces the need for further studies aimed at improving the items or revising the definition of the construct. This is a subscription journal, as such that the authors do not pay for the evaluation or its publication.

The following are examples of these items: Incremental validity of emotional intelligence ability in predicting academic achievement. Received Jul 29; Accepted Oct We used a multi-stage sampling method. Control your estratgeias in evaluation situations.

When we analyze the dimensions of LS, we observe that both males and females are perfectly differentiated, sharing no similarities, since there is a substantial difference between their points. American Educational Research Journal, 23 4 An easy guide to factor analysis. Introduction Over the last few years, university education has been facing important changes that affect both students and lecturers.


In the second stage we used a simple random sampling method for each stratum. Check your mistakes after receiving the grade for a test.

Evidence of unidirectional effects in mathematics classrooms.


Inteligencia emocional y resiliencia: Teacher-student relationship and self-regulated learning in Portuguese compulsory education. Further, in our study, the sample only consists of Spanish students. The data obtained were esdala in spreadsheets. Francisco Espinoza Silva – – Daena 4 1: Social significance of a virtual environment for the teaching and learning of descriptive Statistics in Medicine degree course. For this, a further 21 items were constructed and tested at this point.

The organizational strategies are related to the structuring of the material to be learned, dividing it and relating its parts topics, hierarchies, network concepts, and of diagrams. Five items loaded in factors that were unexpected according to the literature. Furthermore, although the total scale and Factors 1 and 2 achieved satisfactory values of internal consistency, the other three factors presented low alpha values.

Further details regarding the psychometric problems of this initial version of the scale can be found aprendizzje the study by Santos et al. The following are examples of items of the scale: